[Liquid Rock] WavLegion - Heavy Weight (Nicky Havey remix)


wavDr  Bonnie  Heavyweight Nicky Havey remix artwork.jpg

Sorry, not had much time today to get around to the story telling and posting here - put it down to the stag do that I'm organising for this weekend!

In fact, I'll be pretty scarce as of tomorrow so this may be the last time you hear from me for a few days but why not end that potential sadness with an uplifting remix that topped the charts on a music streaming site for 2 days straight when we first uploaded it!


A huge thanks to @wav-dr and @soundlegion for letting me remix their amazing original earlier in the year! I had so much fun doing it and I'm just really glad they enjoyed it too!

Rumours have it that there is another remix on the way... watch this space!

Enjoy the track!


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Nick, I don't have a link to listen to the track.

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Partiko doesn't show embed players unfortunately, try looking at it on steemit or SteemPeak 🙂

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I like it, good...


Thanks mate!

Enjoy the time out and don't stress too much about the responsiblity. You'll nail this.

Oh, and unless you have another brother, this is a once-off!

See you on the other side @nickyhavey

P S - I really did enjoy that track!


Thanks a lot Fiona! A few uncertain moments but every one had a great time and my brother said he really enjoyed it so we're really happy... and broken at the same time!


uncertain moments

sound a trifle ominous, but I guess that's where one should leave it lol

However glad that all's well that ends well. Happy recovery! :D

Ohhh such a cool remix! So full of energy:)


Thanks a lot Georgie boy! Really glad you enjoyed this one!


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