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What is ChordChallenge?

The idea behind ChordChallenge is to give musicians motivation to do music, make connections with other musicians and hopefully win the prize for their work.

This challenge will give the opportunity for every producer to make something new and creative. Any genre of music is welcome, so feel free to do your style.

My plan is to run this contest every week and I would be happy to see a lot of producers participate.


First I wan't to say sorry for absence on Steemit and not making everything in time since I am really busy with other stuff. This ChordChallange #5 really give me inspiration to keep on going and making this challenges since we had a lot of entries and they are all amazing.

Yesterday I heard your entries and I was amazed how much talented people are actually particpiating. In my mind you are all winners and I am really thankful for your time and commitment for this contest. Blessings

Here are the winners:

First prize: (10.75 SBD + 15 VoiceShares): @tiplas with his track that you can listen here

Second prize: (6.45 SBD + 10 VoiceShares): @darqub and @archaimusic with his track that you can listen here

Third prize: (4.3 SBD + 5 VoiceShares) : @junkfeathers with his track that you can listen here

The SBD from this post was splitted to the winners. Winners should make BitShares Wallet and sand their addresses here so @chiefmappster can sand you VoiceShares.


This contest is made with help of @dsound so I can not thank enough for this beautiful initiative. Dsound is a platform connected to Steemit that allows you to upload your music and sounds in a similar fashion like Soundcloud. Make sure to join Dsound Discord channel here:

SMA - Steemit Music Alliance

This contest is made under @smacommunity which is a community that helps out musicians to get the best out of Steemit. If you want to meet cool people, talk about your favorite bands and find more contests like this one, join our Discord channel:


Last but not least, make sure to support this project and crew behind it (DSound, SMA). We would be grateful for any kind of support so make sure to upvote, resteem and spread the word!

Big thanks to @prc and @chiefmappster for support! Also big thanks to my girl @ninaprdolina for ChordChallange cover photo, amazing art!

Cover art by my lovely girlfriend @ninaprdolina
Blessings @antminer

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Hey fellow SMA contest coordinator :-) You were nominated for an #ftlob upvote by @junkfeathers in this post. This is what he had to say:

I nominate @antminer and his Chord Challenge! This contest really brought out the creativity in a lot of musicians.

This really is a great contest indeed! Good luck running future chord challenges!


Thank you @ftlob and @junkfeathers for support. Love you guys :)

I won! ooh wait....

I had lots of fun for the challenge, I will now reassure my entry #5 and give it a pat on the back, and send it to private school :)


No worries buddy. You were all amazing I had hard time judging this one so do not stop here ;) Keep on


All good buddy ! Great chord progression!:)

Thank you @antminer this shure was fun to participate and also to listen to different style songs created out of the same base. Very cool idea for a contest.


Thank you very much for kind words and thank you very much for being part. I hope to see you in future chordchallenges ;)

Thank you for running this fun challenge! There were so many great songs and musicians! I enjoyed listening to them all


Thank you for being part buddy. Yes. Everyone is winner here, amazing music from all participants ;)

wow nice! thank you @antminer for doing this challanges and congratulations to @tiplas and @junkfeathers.

And big thanks to my buddy @archaimusic for the collab. he is really a beast of a producer and i learned a lot from him. 🙏


You are welcome man ;) Looking forward to see you guys in in next Chordchallenges ;)