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Let’s discuss the @adamkokesh campaign threatening innocent men, women, and even children, and plotting cyberterror campaigns/potential physical threats against anyone speaking out against his campaign.


I have already explained in a prior post, facts are missing from this video. Elijah’s video only seems like a elementary school Scooby Doo conspiracy, in which screenshots are questioned and answered by Elijah, which facilitates trickery. Elijah answers with no proper thinking and understanding, and uses psychological gullibility of individuals unaware of the situation to fall prey into the tricks of the Kokesh campaign. This serves as a trapping of innocent people in their net of terror and cyber bullying . Not giving complete details, and only trying to be specific about certain messages that common people have no idea about is dishonest and is the wrong way of ascertaining the facts. The only truth to come from the video was Ben Farmer’s confession.


Yes, at about the 52-minute mark in this strange video, Elijah (campaign team member) admits he spoke directly to Ben Farmer, and that the screenshots plotting a cyber attack on myself and potentially my family, are authentic.

Thank you, Marcus, for looking out for real liberty.

  ·  작년

That guy is not even capable of linking to the show and talk on the original page
but wants to be president.

  ·  작년

hey Adam I know this is kinda unrelated to this post but what are your thoughts on the McAfee campaign?

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