Dirty South

4년 전

This was one of the first AVESA beats. Before I started singing! Forgot how dope this is, I may have to write to it. Or if anyone wants to buy, I accept Steem ;)
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► Listen from source (IPFS)
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Liking the smooth build up, its got a kind of mysterious quality to it, not dark more intriguing, love the way you have put tihs together, its sometimes great re-visiting older stuff.


thanks for your insight! Dark and intriguing is how most describe my brown self ;)

woah. I forgot about this banger!
Well done. You should def write some stuff to it.


Thanks dawg :) I just may! When Dr Funk calls, you ANSWER.

Cool beats and vibes, really like this one, my fave so far :-)


Hey, thanks man! more to come

The first AVESA beats will be hit on DSound


aye thanks man!!

catchy kinda horror chill vibe going on ^^


hide yo kids, hide yo wife

Love those tingly keys, man. Yo, that swirling synth sound at 1:11! Love that.

very nice minimalism