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good stuff bro... keep it up...

Love the text and the tags to lol


Thank ya so much

Wow. I really like your sound and style. Keep it up it's really Awsome. And the lyrics really touches. Cheers!


Thank you for listening, I definitely will

Yea man, this is pretty dope. Your flow is pretty cool, reminds me a bit of drake (not a diss, Drake has a sick flow IMO... content is another story, lol). Yea man, was diggin this. Keep droppin' em man!



Really good, you keep that rap flowing like a pro and the backing track is awesome. It must be one hell of a blast hanging out with @avesa , keep on creating amazing tunes dudes.


It is man, we have a lot of fun here! Thank you so much.

Bruh this is off topic but...I just heard S T A I N on msp waves backfill....FIRE. I make music as well, you should get at me on msp :)


Dang, I am step behind you yet