Interviwing @prc - DSOUND version !

4개월 전

Recently I interviewed @prc the creator of @dsound and the interview went long and we talked about a lot of things.

If you are interested to just listening to the interview, you can do that on @dsound.

You can even download the audio, because has two options, to download the sound or to sell it.

Enjoy listening, I have a lot of interviews and I will upload them on @dsound from now.

Thanks for supporting our commuity @dcooperation.

Please vote for @dsound as a witness here :

It's not just an application, but it's also a community of music and podcast lovers who need your support.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Well done!

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Locking the screen cuts off the sound in videos on DTube and everywhere. Awesome idea with placing it on DSound.


Yeah, I will upload them all to dsound. I have a lot. lol ☺

Thanks a lot for the interview my friend! Had a great time... 😎🤙

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You'r very welcome. That was great. :)

Where is your beard?! haha


ha, everybody is missing it. ☺