Spring 0.4hz - Binaural Beats Therapy

2년 전

Come take an uplifting positive motivational cosmic journey with this original mixed dubby electrostatic psychedelic ambient pipe and floaty condor spring has sprung bandy legged reflective feeling swing and binaural parkour swagger soundtrack which is the first in a series of new seasonal Clubfungus ambient vibes that will span throughout the year as we celebrate life and our watery planets natural wonders floating in the eternal spacial void. Let your imagination run wild and become at one with space and the planet once more exploring deeper into natures and your own majesty that connects us all through the Theta and Delta brainwaves of the mind and soul to the very fabric of the universe of which we exist as an eternal spirit. Travel beyond the dimensions of time and the imagination, feel the passion and awe inspiring glory in a vast pot of emotions that exists and reverberates within all life as we undergo this planetary re-balancing.

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