The Encounter

2년 전

This story starts early one fine and sunny morning here in the UK and life felt kool so i decided to go for a walk and take some interesting wildlife and nature pictures over my local woods passing by the Woochie which is on the left hand side and always makes me think of that famous song, you know the one pass the Woochie on the left hand side, i found a relaxing peaceful setting when there in the distance 3 figures caught my eye dancing round an old oak tree, i rubbed my eyes and a shiver went down my spine they did not look of this world, so with much nervous trepidation i wondered over towards them with a giant smile upon my face, pointed my camera and i woke up two hours later in the undergrowth with a thunder storm brewing in the distance, suddenly a flying saucer raised up from the trees and shot off in the blink of my eye, did i capture this on camera as my cameras battery was now flat could it really be have i captured aliens on my camera, i rushed off home wondering why i had a sore bottom and an itchy knee to check my pictures only to find my camera hadn't taken anything only the birds in the tree.

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