Original Song - Old Folk Singers

3년 전

Is rock dead? Rock'N'Roll happened a long time ago. There are still bands playing rock today, but most of it is very different from the music of recent decades. Is it ever coming back? Is it still going? Is it merging with other styles?

It's all folk music to me. Sounds may change with new instruments and new technology, but underneath it is the music of the people

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old is rocked amazing work on this @cosmicvibration.

I like it .. nice one

Hey rock and roll will never die...especially if your kids and grandkids are exposed to it. Us ole timers play it over most modern music.


I agree, Rock will go on. It is still informing music today and most of what I listen to is either rock, funk, soul, or jazz.


Same here but I do enjoy some of the other newer artist depending on the music and the lyrics. I love this one by Snow Patrol! don't know how long they have been around but only got introduced to them a couple of years ago by my dear friend from London. Being an Arkansas girl, I do listen to a bit of the old country music classics and some of the new. Just depends on the mood..lol