Just your average existential daydream

8개월 전

Just your average
existential daydream

original poetry
and images
with audio version
and animated text video
by @d-pend

slurdpaletteswap 2.jpg

Day's-film sheens the shutter,
scene of no-thing-in-particularly-flown.
Wisps of druid-rending claws
refuse to yield sunspawnèd bone:
which snaps, which shatters so, a grin—
again the mind to drift or shudder
through fantasies of thought controlled
or sense sublimed.

Nil-impetus shall show its face
within the shining moment, haste.
No sad demise, the sudden lurch,
the mortal coil's pale, my search,
to cling to one sad second more
such anguished joy,
such noble spoor.

Be found mundane upon my tracks:
but precious, perfect—nothing lacks.

crinkedpression 2.jpg

writing, images,
audio and video
by @d-pend


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Great verse. I like the first photo best for this poem

Too beautiful! There is a feeling of momentarily divesting oneself of attire that squeeze the soul and condemn it to a constant vigil, to a being that develops with too much apprehension its work as a human being disconnected from its time. There is a recognition of the cruel internal reality lived, in which it is so hard to enjoy the joy, by that obstinate tendency to be so rigid, so self-disciplined, so meticulously perfectionist, that moves the goodness away from spontaneity, even if one enjoys it, one does not manage to feel part of the unmeasured, the uncalculated, the uncontrolled; in spite of the fact that there is a certain tiredness of all that mathematics that eats away at the human essence, the longed-for naturalness of being or wanting to be someone more mundane, less unreal, less of other planes.
There is an anguishing need to relax, to begin to live the "here" and "now". At the same time, one has the full knowledge of knowing oneself worthy of loving and being loved, of being complete, of not being broken, of having much to offer:

Be found mundane upon my tracks:
but precious, perfect—nothing lacks.

P.S. I loved the video!

Very nice :) I like how you've made it a video too. How'd you do that?

Nothing is average coming from you.

The last words in each line ring out:

druid-rending claws
sunspawnèd bone:
a grin—
or shudder
thought controlled
sense sublimed.

one sad second more
anguished joy,
noble spoor.

upon my tracks:
perfect—nothing lacks.

Words like "spoor" and "sunspawnèd" make me feel like I listening to the story of prehistoric man.

I'm glad to hear your voice in the poem is positive. It seems as if you have actually come terms with the last line of the poem:

Be found mundane upon my tracks:
but precious, perfect—nothing lacks.

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"a grin--again" love that and so many other details :) love your work.

Daniel, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
I wish you all the best this year!

No, I am Not too late;))
In Russia the Christmas was only 2 days ago;))