Aqua-stellar flame (original poetry with accompaniment)

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Aqua-stellar flame

.....original poetry.....
...with reading &...
.original music.


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Check out the audio to "Aqua-stellar flame"
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Tides of gratitude
Wheel in aquamarine circuits,

They melt into the planetary center
& mingle with its garnet blood.

The volcanic heart thrums in
Gentle-emphatic brutality:
Its callous umber protects
From cosmic cataclysm
With fists of ore.

The earth golem core, drinking
Oceans from a crusted goblet,

Swimming through transformation of
Lapiz & seafoam dynasties,

Uncaring fire itself,
Transparent with agelessness,
Nests in the banished centre
Where colorless time spins
On its axis spewing the lime ice.

Love-laced hydro-dynamo of aeons
Flow, oh ever-swirling, grow.

double_up_by_jbrum-d8jo6cc (6).jpg


I wrote this poem last night as a reflection on the volatile and unstable nature of emotion compared to the almost brutal strength of cosmic forces. This is the first time I've ever recited a poem to a beat. I chose a good tempo (160 bpm) and improvised some rhythms for the words. Then I composed the accompaniment part for piano and acoustic bass (both recorded with samples on my Yamaha Montage keyboard.) I sourced a free domain recording of a campfire for the ambient background noise. Tuning is A = 432 hz in equal temperament. Tempo is 160 bpm in the key of Eb major. This was quite enjoyable to create! It's the first time I've ever put music to any of my poems. I'll provide an explanation of each stanza below for those interested. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to read/listen!

Lines 1-4

(Tides of gratitude...its garnet blood)
Depicts the magnetic force of universal gratitude as an ocean that floods through everything, even the magmic center of the Earth.

Lines 5-9

(The volcanic heart...fists of ore.)
The planet is paradoxically gentle and brutal. Its density which allows for an atmosphere to exist, protects us from harmful cosmic radiation and the frigidity of space.

Lines 10-13

(The earth golem core...seafoam dynasties.)
Metaphorizes the core of the earth as a powerful golem whose libation is the ocean, drinking from the goblet of the earth's crust. It remains steady through the surface dynasties of humans on its blue-green surface.

Lines 14-18

(Uncaring fire itself...spewing the lime ice.)
Refers to the divine fire and its obscure home in the Unmanifest (banished centre.) Though fiery, it spews the "lime ice" (metaphor for the relative coldness of the compassion, gratitude, and love, etc. that humans experience, since they are typically conditional in nature.)

Lines 19-20

(Love-laced hydro-dynamo...ever-swirling, grow.)
An affirmation that love in its philosophical sense is the undergirding of all space and time that ever-generates.

double_up_by_jbrum-d8jo6cc (5).jpg

Check out the audio to "Aqua-stellar flame"
On @dsound at the links below:

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

double_up_by_jbrum-d8jo6cc (6).jpg


double_up_by_jbrum-d8jo6cc (3).jpg
double_up_by_jbrum-d8jo6cc (2).jpg

Music and writing
By @d-pend
Images by

1 - "Double up" by Jbrum
2 - "Volcano core" by BlueRougeVyse
3 - "Fire of fall" by Kkart

double_up_by_jbrum-d8jo6cc (1).jpgdouble_up_by_jbrum-d8jo6cc (4).jpg


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Friends have presented you many good poems. It really needs to be appreciated. And I liked your video too.
I wish you good health. @d-pend


i like his poems too @d-pend

I love the ambient effect of the crackling fire! Let me know if you need more ambient for your projects because I travel around the world and record sounds.


This is a great source for us all. Thanks for posting sound files. Actually my next question was, "Where can we get good public domain sounds?"


Yeah i agree too a very unique sound and also recording soud from scratch is very important. as a music producer myself i do this often

Awesomely inspiring, beautiful rhythm and visuals! I am new to steemit, have not been on this tag much, I have poetry of my own, however I do not have music nor pics to go along with it yet. I will be posting soon. Thank you for your hard work.....

Nice poetry! I am new here and I also put interest in poem but I am still struggling with mark down and code that probably you could help. How could we put the sentences in center alignments just like you did? thank you in advance!

An awesome poem.. When words and sounds relate with the inner mind.. Thanks for sharing

My thoughts about nature, which is mysterious and unpredictable. Nature has many facets of personalities and yet, we all love nature as it stands. I’ve written a poem about the conflicting qualities of nature below:

Nature is friendly,
When nature is tamed.
Nature is beautiful,
When nature is lushful.

Nature is brutal,
When nature is vengeful.
Nature is violent,
When nature is ardent.

But we all love nature,
In all forms of adventure,
And in all of its glories,
Nature blesses us with wonderful memories.

Wonderful I like it thanks for sharing


Thank you for checking it out @mindhunter07!

What can I say that won't add to the universal force of gratitude?

You have me smiling again @d-pend. One my main purposes to on Steemit is to smile and so for what it is worth, "Congratulations!" The music that goes along with the post was just a few chords and a synthesized flute but so groovy and fit the poem wonderfully.

Its callous umber protects
From cosmic cataclysm
With fists of ore.

  • Visions of the earth's origins come to mind. I'm humbled by this Stellar poem and enlightened by the sweet music that accompanies it. This music reminds me a lot of what Lee Mendelson wrote for "Peanuts". It's a sweet sound to my ears.

  • The poem describes a cosmic activity but implies a "human experience." I really appreciate the humanity you share with us. I appreciate the time you put into these posts. I will try to follow your example and provide the best for our community using the resources available.

  • I still don't know where to begin to express gratitude if my words just flow over into the magma of the core of the earth. Thank you for inspiring me and making me smile today. Although these words of mine just add to the flood I'm glad I said it.

The Giant Golem eating my "thank you"


who wana go with me there

Hey @d-pend. Listening to this again! So awesome! Not looking for an upvote or anything. Just acknowledging your brilliance! 💚

Nice poem with sparking pics.

Is this track still available? I try to play it but it doesn't work.

That voice over though, i am just falling in love with your voice <3

Wonderful creativity of words with what an amazing message, these lines stole my heart Just Wow!

The volcanic heart thrums in
Gentle-emphatic brutality:
Its callous umber protects
From cosmic cataclysm
With fists of ore.

Definitely enjoy good poetry. I'll be posting some of my own soon so i'm taking notes. I'm brand new to steemit and I'd really appreciate for someone as experienced as you on this platform to read my unbelievably true story post and support it with an up vote if you like it. Either way, i'm a fan!

hai brother i like your posts, and i want to like you brothers can follow many and many who vote, please teach me let be like you brother, thank you

I love your writing.
Very nice taste, keep it up!

@d-pend, You've tremendously write poem. I love so much that. Your all blogs has entertainment looks with nice designs. Marvelous creation. I'm surprising always have to see your talented skills.
Extremely superb Dsound indeed. Its nice jazz styles. Most pretty to hear these music, it created using your awesome skills.
Thanks for effort and inspire me again.

awesome, thanks for sharing

Exellent and amazing, you are the best poet on whole world like my father. Thank you @d-pend

@d-pend amazing job! Tou have a talent that needs to be noticed! Keep up tha amazing work!

Thanks for sharing this! Awesome piece of work :)

  ·  2년 전

I wish the continuation of an excellent work

It is great to see my ideas picked up by one of the greatest on steemit. It is truly inspirational Thank you man :) It is amazing that you can do music by your own :) I had to use a friend. God Bless You. Peace and Love.

@d-pend excellent work as usual. Upvoted

You wrote, composed, recorded and mixed that last night!? Impressive. Going to check out some of your other tracks.

Beautiful, as always.

Awesome piece. I love your writing. Keep writing, good job!

The poetry a spark of the soul!!!

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Good post, please upvote

Love the accompanying explanation of the lines. Poetry can be so subjective and when it comes to platforms like steemit/other popular social media sites beautiful poetry can be "lost in translation" due to a lack of the ability to analyze literature. I enjoy creating my own meaning from others work but its also awesome to read the insights of the author. Great work

The music was perfect to go with your poem loved it you are a genius!❤️

This is beautiful


Very nice taste, keep it up!

Wow did you modify the voice? I love the tapping sound like reggae that keeps repeating it's amazing,

You're really exploring your abilities I wish I can do more too I like the piece it's sonorous and well also mild to listen, it's so beautiful buddy

This is fresh, thank you @d-pend

Wonderful... This is beautiful...Love it

Great work. How do come up with such original material?

I hope you can help me, because I newcomer steemit, I have not understand him.


what do you need help understanding?

Cool Sounds man i started following you for more of your projects thumbs up and keep the good work coming.

Appreciate your work! This time I had 2 screens up; one to listen and one to read the lines. Thanks!

I love it! <3 I hope I could put accompaniment to my poems as well. 🙌🏻

Beautiful image. Nice poem

That's the most beautiful music I've ever heard in my life.

Bel post

You are welcome!

Very nice!!

Follow me, like me, ad we share!!

  ·  2년 전

Really beautiful piece....

Nice poem dear

That second stanza hits home with me. The heart with a violence of sorts keeps us alive. In terms of your poem, it's like we must hit back just a little at the cosmos if we wish to persist within it. Makes sense when you think about it. Fantastic write here. I also do poetry and am very new to the sight. Given your popularity on here, you are probably super busy, but if you get a chance stop by my blog. Just a bit there now ... a couple haiku and light-hearted poem about seizing life. But definitely more to come. Again thanks for this great write. Pryde

Wow!! For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have an inner mind. This one got to me. Thank goodness Steemit rewards people for their work because you deserve all the reward you can get.
Kudos!! @d-pend

sungguh menakjubkan puisi dan musikalisasi anda saya sangat suka

It's very unusual and cool at the same time! Music and poetry are increadible. Nice to hear so qualititative sound on Steemit! What inspires you to compose?

love the sincerity and the heartfelt nature of this. I also love the sound. As a music producer it really inspires me.

Beautiful lines Daniel. Loved hearing and reading. Regards Nainaz.

"I wrote this poem last night as a reflection on the volatile and unstable nature of emotion compared to the almost brutal strength of cosmic forces."

wow a perfect word about music :)
You've made great records. I am a music lover and love to listen to new things.
I congratulate you :)
I have a writing about a few songs I used to love. maybe it attracts interest :)
See you

incredibly insightful words, i do love a good metaphor , so yeah this is awesome man, great job on your first poem to music, hope there will be more to come

Lovely performance - thank you. Have you heard of the english spoken-word poet, Kate Tempest? Check her out -
you'll be amazed:

  ·  2년 전

Promoting my post via your blog. hoping you guys will enjoy my poetry

Enjoyed listening to your post!

Nights you are my weakness, I dream of you better.
Nights you are my strength, I dream of us better.

upvoted n followed

plz view n support ma posts

What the hopion of our emotions if not the opium of lust?
Our emotions lease out tears to my eyes for a ride
Am lost without a music to my cochlea.

Nice poem you have here. Write on!!

Amazing poem! One thing? Dont you think explaining your poem takes away the emotional reactions one gets from Viewing/Hearing/Feeling art which can affect ppl differently?

DEEP LYRICS MAN! Im going in psyrock right now and i need to develop in words... check my shit and let mi know where am I!

Me gusta un buen trabajo