The moment—a still drop of emerald

4년 전

The moment—a still drop of emerald

original ambient music


negstrip-2-emerald moment.jpg

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Many of us have hectic and overcomplicated lives: It's easy to get stressed out in the modern world. Actually, it is equally simple to calm down, too. I wanted to create a piece that would be a simple meditative excercise. It put me in a peaceful state of mind to create this, and I hope that will transfer through the frequencies I recorded. I always find A=432 hz to be particularly cleansing, calming, and heart-centered. Combine that with the pure intonation of the Kirnberger tuning in A and you get a lovely, pure sound. I used a clean, warm synth pad on my Yamaha Montage for the drone, and an FM Marimba patch for the melodic parts. I used a couple more FM synths for subtle background parts, and sourced some free domain nature sounds. Isn't it interesting that the sounds of nature, though chaotic and loud, can be perceived as calming? Though it is a simple track, I hope you will enjoy the atmosphere. Much gratitude and love to you all—have a wonderful weekend.


Tuning: A=432 hz
Temperament: Kirnberger
Tempo: 78 bpm
Key: A major
Length: 5:56

green-rain-mirrored-drops (1).jpg


bright-pink-raindrops (2).jpgbright-pink-raindrops (3).jpg

Sounds & Writing
By @d-pend

Images are
Free domain &
Edited by @d-pend.

drops-green-upside down (2).jpgdrops-green-upside down (1).jpg

drops-green-upside down.jpg

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oh, ambient is an absolutely special kind of music, it's even not music but a state of soul which is transferred from a composer to listeners.

you're successful in this aspect! really music for meditation and relax, very pure and harmonic. Sounds of water (maybe it's not water but bor me like water drops), birds, we are not on Steemit now but somewhere in the lost forest or a desert island

I have much music of such a kind on my laptop. It's great to fall asleep while listening, dreams are sweet) this one will be in my collection for sure! thank you!

Wow very cool. While I listen to this piece I always found myself in an empty space. It's so breathtaking. Every bit of it seems like telling you to stop whatever you're doing and take a moment to rest your mind.
I find it beautiful for the amazing feeling of peace and optimism it leaves me with. It's similar to the feeling of finally making it to the top of a steep, rocky, hill and just taking time to enjoy the amazing view.
Thanks. The title suits the song amazingly. Thanks @d-pend


Thanks for describing your impressions. That's awesome that it's able to take you there @princesson. I definitely got into a different zone when I was making it. Have a great one @princesson!


Thank you so much. Have a great one too

Wow, ok. I'm sitting here in a Burger King in PA, and as soon as the tones started, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes just relaxing. Nothing told me to do it, I just did. I began to feel a tickly sensation at the top of my head almost to the ends of my hair. I don't know if this was the intended effect, but that's what came to me. Very nice. What did you guys feel?

Yea, this is really nice. Immediately as soon as birds start chirping mixed with the fat stereo quality of this, it just kicks you right down into the seat, "It's time to relax, sir". The rain drops come in nice and slow, feeling like I'm walking slowly through a pasture somewhere and cleansing water just flows down... The colors are beautiful... Wow, at 1:31, it gets really nice. Slowly but surely, the journey is leading through a sea of vibrant calming tones... Man, so nice.

You've got magic in you. More like, you've realized the magic in you ;)

Be blessed!

Thank you @d-pend for sharing "A still drop of Emerald." This is just what I need right now. I'm a subway train in one of the largest cities in Asia listening to this. Forget the headphones. I'm gonna let everybody listen. We all need this. It is nourishing to the Soul of Seoul. A calm down for everybody and a call to listen. The A frequency is crisp and clear. No video is needed here just sounds of silence. The last minute could put anyone in a trance even Seoul citizens bustling on their way.



Haha! A lot of city dwellers could probably benefit from a moment of stillness and repose. Thanks for making the connection halfway across the earth to where you are - that's amazing.


I sincerely appreciate your reply, encouragement and support.

We definitely need a moment of stillness and repose here in Seoul. We are glad to hear your music and appreciate what DSounds is doing for this community. DSounds is our echo to the whole world. And @d-pends fills @dsounds with the sounds. Have a great weekend.

This is a really nice peace as insomniac downloaded it and added it to my past midnight playlist :) The layering and clarity of sound is exquisite and something someone like me who records on a crappy half dead ipad can only dream of LOL. Really well done :)


Great, glad you like it! I struggle with insomnia off and on too so I know what you mean. Anything that helps dissolve the tension is good. Appreciate your kind words about the quality, lol, a lot of it is just the keyboard I have, it's amazing. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out @tygertyger!


And thank you for passing by at my place :) looking forward to more of your suff :D

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

Most inspirational track made. Hearing sound clip I feel like i'm going various world. Serious...After close eye Only heard cool sound. What's a creativity..I love your dsound clip. Amazing vision you've to see.

@d-pend. That's pretty cool dsound created. Create using with nature sounds, It very helpful for release our stress and can be easily meditation. Meditation must important to keep our body and mind cleverly. Relax mind would be going our success. Absolutely I appreciate your coolest meditation track creativity.
Keep going with dsound and steemit.

I love this track, it's soothing. Very relaxing. I downloaded it to sync it to my iPod where I have a relaxing play list to easy myself into ready-to-sleep mode. Rain and birds.

That tone at the beginning the chirping of birds in the instrumentals I don't know if it's a piano work, but my the production was amazing, splendid track here buddy!



You delivered there friend! My favorite was the rain (pretty sure that was rain :) and birds, but the whole thing was wonderful :)

Dope. The drop in tone actually brought me back to my senses for a minute. Have you ever done anything with a shepard's tone?

@d-pend. I had to download this. I absolutely love it! It is going to be part of my nightly playlist. 😊

Mind-blowing composition... feeling like " something is going to happen soon, but not happening; and the excitement to wait for that "happening" is heavenly.... like something that I can't express...:)

Great and professional work! It´s a pleasure and delight listening to it. I like the combination of sounds gained by field recording and sounds from synths or otherwise created in the studio. Have a great time and enjoy your life! Rolf

This music can forget my mood at this moment.
I felt relieved after the play your ambien
Thank you has my thoughts are soothing.
keep working @d-pend


Thanks for your comment @juand!


I will wait the next your music..!!
wish enjoy...!! are u like dj remix?
thank so much

Cool sound.
Followed you for more amazing music and Upvoted!

Thanks for sharing your original piece of art and music :D
I love free-spirit creations like that.

Such great, chill mix, the visuals fall perfect with the sound <3

Thanks a lot for making this <3


Thanks a lot for listening to it! Much love & gratitude @chillsden :-)

Music is meditation and that's what this song says through instruments.... Amazing :)


Indeed! Glad it took you to that space @piyushpathak :-D

I've been sitting in the university library since this morning, preparing one of my last exams, animal breeding strategies ... And I can not stop listening to this track.

I was able to isolate myself completely from the noise that surrounds me (yes, despite being a library it is very noisy).

I think people would be much more relaxed if during their day they would listen to more "music" of this kind.

Thanks for sharing! ;)

extraordinary post is very appropriate to be trending, hopefully I also one day later my post can be trending like you.

the only bad thing about this beautiful piece is, its too short!
and we have not the repeat function on dsound yet! :D

True. Beautiful insights indeed.

This type of vibe sends you to the astral plane

This is a jaw dropping of living spring emerald sounds and writing by @d-pend

Talk about pictures that are visually appealing.



Nice music, dew drops pics are awesome

The music is reminiscent of my memories in the past, thank @d-pend

Hi dpend.. I heard it and it is amazing.. Here is night and voice was effecting my senses deeply.. Thanx for sharing

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You got very good to the post. The smiling photography was fantastic

truly blissfull!


Happy to hear it! Wishing you serenity always @omravi

omg i really like ur work its very interesting

The music is totally relaxing!


I'm glad to hear that @abelito777!

Great tune. Perfectly ambient.

Great tune. Perfectly ambient. Followed and resteemed


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it @the1950smoon.

Nice stuff, love the drop down of the drone on the outro


Hey thanks @redskylullaby. I thought that provided some interesting contrast for it to drop down there.

I really wish this were a longer recording for it is beautiful to meditate too. I was completely relaxed after 45 seconds. upvote and follow from me :) Peace.


Haha... recommendation taken. I'll make some longer ones in the future. Much gratitude and blessings to you @gurugnu!

hey i am new here . please support me .and i love music

内心真正的感觉到平静 ,我们会用心的看到这个世界纯净的一面 ,谢谢你的分享,带给大家的纯净。


O wow, these are really awesome.

good post, I left you a vote, I invite you to review my last openmic post

Great relaxing music @d-pend. you are rocking!


Thank you my friend @munawar1235!

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Thank you so much for your post. I played it for my baby and she feel asleep right away! So relaxing i almost fell asleep with her.


Oh! How nice! I'm so happy to hear that :-D
Have a great one @paulamery :-)

Could listen to it for an hour and when I saw the 432Hz tuning, I was hooked! You got a new follower 👏


An hour? Right on! I'll make some longer ones in the future! Yea, I love 432 hz, use it often in my music. Thanks for the follow and your nice comment @petrajordan.

great work, I love it very much.

This is just the kind of post that warms my heart.. I love this check this out I can guarantee you would love it.. God bless you as you do so guys

hallo. i an new here .please support me and help me

resteem done will u do the same on my blogs

This is 100% guaranteed to relax anybody who listens to it, no matter how agitated they may be. Lovely field recording and absolutely tasteful amount of additional sound atop that... I love this, well done @d-pend.

Sounds peaceful to me. thanks for sharing ;)

Amazing post, i really enjoyed it

Music is something that always finds a way to penetrate even in my rigid heart. This one penetrated mine I love it thanks for sharing check out my idea on the big cat (the lion) I can guarantee you will love it guys

Your good to post

Right from the start I felt more calm and once the rain started it was really soothing.