Nobody Knows the Truth - Original Music - @davidfar (Instrumental)

3년 전

Artist : Davood Faramarzi (@davidfar)

Title : Nobody Knows the Truth

after all the games that every country played in Syria, Yemen and any other country which is in war in these days and every Government looking for their benefits and people are dying in between, I was thinking that this word can be good for both Left side and right side of the world Nobody Knows the Truth , to understand that nobody knows the truth but only people who live in the place!! (War place)
West governments, Europe Governments , Eastern Governments, all and all Governments!! none of them care about people!! They care about Kingdom! borders! Oils! Money! brainwashing with TV and News, Killing people for fun (for selling their guns or ... like what USA did and everyone even a child can understand that, now everyone in Syria looking for Terrorists while Syria had people not Terrorists, ( they are killing them from any side and for any reason, think if you were born there! )

and in this situation nobody can even talk against any dictator ( or doing Revolution) while big powers waiting for a little problem to destroy the whole place, so people have to live in misery and all of these problems are because of big monsters that we're all created them, all the people of the earth!

This music which I put some meaning to it with my electric guitar solo is played for all the people of the world who are dying in silent and nobody hear them!

Peace & Love!!

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"while big powers waiting for a little problem to destroy the whole place"...that's what breaks my heart the most. All those innocent people who have to pay for it all. Who suffer and die. You're right. Nobody cares. The governments don't care. And people who would care are brainwashed with religion, ideology, racism...all kinds of things. Or otherwise powerless to help in any meaningful way. Meanwhile, people suffer. People die. All you can really do is make this known.


your comment is so wise and exactly the things that are happening and we just forget about it and we think if we take side of for example one side and destroy the other side then everything will be okay while it will never happen and its totally wrong. thank you so much @intspekt
peace to you!


Thank you, Davood. Same to you, your family and everyone there. Peace...if only we could truly live that word. Maybe someday.

Beautiful instrumental!!
Emotional, but powerful too.
I love that piano at the beginning and the end and your guitar solo rocks like crazy!


Thank you woodzi :)) its your kindness :)

Yes, that's exactly what is happening in my own country right now. Terrorist (called Boko Haram) attacks everywhere and kill people but you know what? Only the innocent pays for this.
The government care more about fuels, money from network companys, all natural resources but less care about the life of the citizens.
No body really knows the truth.what we can do is to let them hear. Thanks @davidvar


so sorry about that Ohakfarm :( , thanks for reading and listening, I was feeling that in politics tag this was missing in between so I wrote about it. thanks for your wise comment.
peace to you!


Thanks, I'm always enjoying your post



Thank you so much Claudette :))

Every body should know the truth. your song is so special.


Thank you so much, I just did what I could do, peace!

Powerful music to match your powerful and justified comments... this is an utterly crazy money-driven world, thank heaven there are still voice of love and sanity. Thank you.


thank you so much for all the kind feedback Deon :)

Love it! You rocked it, David. :)


Thank you so much Kamyk

I must upload my guitar playing some day :D Nice man


it would be great :) thank you

Rocking bro! followed too :)


Its your kindness, thank you so much :)

Wow !!! Music is always gives me pleasure @davidfar


you're welcome, also read the description, thank you so much!

@davidfar .... excellent music... and it’s exceptional....really... nobody knows the truth...


Thank you so much prova :)

the instrumental itself is amazing @davidfar. I just love it. But the description makes it a special one.


Thank you so much shoovoon :)))

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