Concerto di mandolino a solo (II Largo)

3년 전

A warm musical greeting.

Today I bring you the second movement of the Concerto di mandolino solo by the Italian composer Domenico Caudioso.
II Length.
This movement is characterized by the melody with rhythmic triplet, where the mandolin always highlights the picados and expressiveness. It should be noted that in the Baroque period, the tremolo was not used, but many ornaments were used as apogiaturas and portamentos.
In the mood to please you.


Un cálido saludo musical.

Hoy les traigo el segundo movimiento del Concerto di mandolino a solo por el compositor italiano Domenico Caudioso.
II Largo.
Este movimiento se caracteriza por la melodía con rítmica de tresillos, en donde la mandolina siempre destaca los picados y la expresividad. Cabe destacar que en en el Barroco no se usaba el trémolo sino muchos adornos como apoyaturas y portamentos.
Con el ánimo de que te agrade.

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I was very impressed about the rhytmic consistency! It's so difficult to keep the tempo so well for these whole 4 minutes and you manage it perfectly!! Well done!


It's really the part that needs to be handled best if I'm glad I got it right. Thank you very much for your valuable opinion.

Thanks for the second part! Looking forward to the rest!

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Thank you so much for your support.

Gran sonido profe... felicitaciones por dar a conocer no sólo la música sino también lo que se puede hacer con este gran instrumento. Un abrazo.


Si profe, la mandolina es especial para el Barroco y además se pude tocar cualquier música. Gracias .