"DUSKHAUS": Modular Minimal Techno by DRUMOPERATOR

2년 전

Enjoy my new live modular synth minimal techno single that aims to capture the new darkness on the edge of town and the end of the summer swelter. Captured live on a Make Noise 7u modular system, this track was composed on the Winter Sound Eloquencer and relies heavily on the Mutable Instruments Plaits for its plucked and bell timbres. Most of the elements are being summed in the sound sculpting Three Sisters filter, whose cross'd over output is blasting into Clouds for some granular scope and triplet delay. Picodrums doing work, as always ... I've spent the last few days combing through over 400 drum machines worth of samples and am pretty jazzed on loading the Picodrum with a fresh soundset, including some extremely wild stuff I've captured directly from my case on the 4ms .wav recorder. Being able to tap a button and immediately grab a crazy sounding strike or swoosh is quickly adding up to a sample-pack's worth of sounds, soon to be released on Steemit!

Finishing up a new batch of songs on the road, so stay tuned for more modular synth deep dives! Enjoy!


► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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The sickness! Looking forward to destroy that sample pack as soon as you drop it.




Thanks man! Soon!