Larger Than Life by Ed Privat & MaDe aka Jeff Leinwand & D-VINE

2년 전

Hey hey hey

It's a collab with me and @jeffleinwand & @d-vine as MaDe.

I asked them to collaborate with me for a challenge hosted by @antminer last year( or 2 years ago?), where basically you had a chord progression imposed, and w came up with this song, they came up with the prod and it's pretty awesome

The cover art for the track is a photo taken by @d-vine ( aka ELLI )

Interesting fact, it took pretty much a week for the song to be created! This was actually such a great exercise because when you rush creativity there's no looking back or procrastinating.
It was such an honor to work with those 2.
Have an awesome delightful week(that's redundant), I have 2 days off I am gonna catch up with the blockchain from home :)

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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I think they are all a great combination of musical talents. And I think this electronic genre combines with my recent published gif. Hahaha lol.


Thanks Nancy, sorry for the late reply !

Yaaayyyy!! I loved working with you guys on this!!
It was defo "Larger Than Life" <3
We should do something new!!!


I actually gotta chat with you tomorrow. How is your studying going?


bro!!! That's dope!! Thanks!

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