Hydrophone Recordings In Ocean Singapore With Rattle (Block)Chain! Free Download On DSound

3년 전

Hi Guys

I am so happy that I got these hydrophones. It opens a new world and gives you access to sound that we can't hear without these mics. I am currently in Singapore for the next two months recording sounds and we went to the east coast and I placed my pair of hydrophone in the ocean and as I put on my headphones I couldn't believe it. Such amazing sounds and for you as a sound designer or music maker you can create something even better out of it.
I recorded already more hydro sounds and going to create a fantastic album out of other recordings but I couldn't wait to share these effects with you! So please go ahead and download these sounds for free here on @DSound and use it for your own projects.

Also if you want more sound effects I already have two huge catalogs on my website. The Complete Library and the Pro Edit Library with over 200 GB of high-quality sounds. Feel free to check it out!
freetousesounds.com/pro-edited-library or

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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