Base Reality | Original Techno Track by Greencross

3년 전

Underground techno at 135BPM. Written & produced by Greencross.

Check out the music video for this track:

Check out Different Is Different Records, techno record label since 2010. Releasing legendary techno producers like Ken Ishii, Hertz, Ade Fenton, Stanny Franssen, Tom Hades, Ortin Cam, Drumcomplex and more:



  <a href="!/@greencross/20180630t122203984z-base-reality--original-techno-track-by-greencross">► Listen on DSound</a><br>
  <a href="">► Listen from source (IPFS)</a>
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Solid dark spacial journey this Techno koolness man! Sounds mint! :D


@clubfungus thank you my friend and thanks for the supoort!!! You are the man!


Brilliant and thankyou thats awesome dude, and you make top choones, lets keep pushing man! :D

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