Marty Macphly - Hit Me produced by Heaterville

3년 전

This song is called Hit Me by my boy Marty Macphly produced and mixed by Me. This got that boom bap feel. My process on the beat was pretty simple and a classic way of putting a beat together. I found a dope sample that i looped and added my drums to it. I added my own vocals on the hook. That’s me saying “Hit Me” on the hook and trying my best to do a James Brown impersonation. Marty Macphly is left field for sure. His whole flow is extremely witty. He bodied the track. The track is featured from my album with Macphly titled “In Advance” and is also available on ITunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc. This is a classic record that got that boom bap feel and hopefully you feel the same way!

Shoutout to The SMA Team @chiefmappster, @danyelk, @beatseb, and @derekmiller for the dope competition, and good luck to everyone participating!

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good looking G!

What a trip! The beat gets you right away!!

This beat is fire

Ayyyy "Hit me"

Mann you defintely channeled your inner James Brown on that "Hit me." So legittttt.

"God's parked but the devil is running."

"You can do the moon dance over there Jackson" Haha yesssss. Love the lyrics from Marty and that flow is so smooth. Can hear and vibe to the message so well.

And that beat mannnnn has that soul. Those instruments you included are so dope (that brass thought). Helps reinforce and highlight those vocals so well.

Appreciate you sharing this with the community.


Haaa.. yea Marty is dope man! Thanks for the love!


Ayy get it. You're very welcome bud

Just starting on steemit, but I'll tell you that you got yourself a new follower !!

Upvoted and resteemed also =)


Thank you! Appreciate that for real

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YEA... this jawn live