Morning Music for Magicians Morphing Madness into Magnificence! #32

4년 전

Will we start our morning in madness or morph the fog into the magnificence of a lovely day today? Listening to electronic dance music like I have composed here is what I listen to change my state like Tony Robbins talks about and it works miracles! I publish my music first on @dsound with an unlisted YouTube video showing my actual music composition and playing process with the hope to inspire those thinking we have no musical talent or ability to give it a try even with no experience as I did two years ago!

See me play the loops and keys in real time that I used to compose this track!

With "Morning Music for Magicians Morphing Madness into Magnificence" having no words and 13 different instruments with more than 5 unique drum loops, we can expect an opening of our minds, an expanding of consciousness, and/or our ears bleeding :) What we hear is up to us!

Listening to instrumental music like this is fun because the sounds stimulate the mind and at the same time provide a rest from our world of constant talking. Tomas George with digital music masters at helped me discover this and gave me the information, confidence, and mentor I needed to produce music with no experience starting in 2017. Tomas recommended I listen to Deadmau5 who has become my teacher in making trance music that helps me relax, play, dance, and reconnect with my divinity when my soul feels lost in fear and future.

All of my music is Creative Commons Zero or CC0 meaning you are welcome to do anything with any song without any need to mention me. For example, you are welcome to play this in a live stream, as background music in a video, etc.

How did I compose "Morning Music for Magicians Morphing Madness into Magnificence" as my #32 song?

In Ableton Live 9 Suite, I used 12 instruments on six instrument racks on 6 chains crossfaded as listed below generated with MIDIVOLVE by coldcuts into 8 different riffs played in note mode with the Push 2! I also played in one instrument with Serum synthesizer using SynthHacker preset ParisBlohmLead from inside EDM leads played on my M-Audio Code 61 Black MIDI controller.

  1. Bass 1 Serum BA Feed the Mau5.
  2. Bass 2 Serum BA fuzzbass.
  3. Pad 1 Serum PD Celestial Light.
  4. Pad 2 Morphine ATM Additive Swell.
  5. String 1 Serum PL SuperAbla.
  6. String 2 Morphine STR 12-String Thing.
  7. Keys 1 Serum SynthHacker Deep House Keys01.
  8. Keys 2 Morphine KBD Fairy Dust.
  9. Drone 1 Serum LD Rave.
  10. Drone 2 Morphine LED Analog Saw.
  11. FX 1 Serum SynthHacker Deep House FX05.
  12. FX 2 Morphine SFX Resonant Zap.

The drum beats are a few random samples which were part of a huge sample pack I bought originally with FL Studio 12 played in automatically by Ableton 9 Live Suite according to my follow rules.

Thank you for reading about my ninth song published first to @dsound and my song #32 produced since starting electronic music production in 2017 with no previous experience!

Jerry Banfield

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Wow! I would have thought you had no time for such fun! You must introduce the community to the food supplements you take(!!), or is it fire in the soul that keeps you so active?nature-3118106__340.jpg

Hello @jerrybanfield sir

It is quite surprising to learn you make music. You are certainly a man of uncommon blessings..

All of my music is Creative Commons Zero or CC0 meaning you are welcome to do anything with any song without any need to mention me. For example, you are welcome to play this in a live stream, as background music in a video, etc.

This paragraph also speaks volumes of your kindness and generosity towards the success of others....keep it up. Providence has a way of rewarding charity.

In all honesty, this is beautiful and awesome music. I wouldn't have known you don't have prior experience in this. Masterpieces!

@eurogee, the founder of @euronation community & The Host, Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest

Nice music jerry :)

After reading your post I crossed the reply you had given to comment "everything except what you do on steemit".
I think what you do on steemit, I don't think anyone does better than you. I think there is a musician in making, a best managed handle and all the best contests.
After that I visit your first post and come to know that you have courage to do anything.
I had respect for you from day one but today it multiplied many folds. I have a request if it is possible, though it may sound unethical but visit once at least my profile and make a comment, it will make my day.

I see you're getting the hang of this. Keep it up @jerrybanfield 🙂

Is there something you are not good at ?@jerrybanfield

Thanks for this dsound music sharing...i appreciate this dsound original music. keep it up

You are a rockstar man. Doing everything these days.. N now music ... make it hard so that Hits our hard life but in a good way. You doing great though, like the drum loops though, like the drum loops though

I actually listened to your first attempt on dsound. It was cool...Music is a pleasant sound that creates exciting moments for both mind, body and soul.
We all are gifted with musical capabilities remember the first cry babies do make is pleasing to the family and thus could be seen as a music.
Keep up the music talent @jerrybanfield

Greetings, you have a lot of talent, friend, congratulations, good music

Man many things. Great music.

Love the consonance used your title. You must have a great test for literature @jerrybanfield

Good post

There are so many technicalities in making music. All I know is that I love good music. And I have music for different moods. It's just helps to keep the mind relaxed .

can any way, can sing can memotivaai everybody .. good luck Mr @jerrybanfield !

Well starting by the "Morning Music for Magicians Morphing Madness into Magnificence" so day of yours.
I'm also making nice day to hear this nice melody .
Thanks for the music share.
Music for soul

Music is the food to the soul.... thanks for posting

Hey @jerrybanfield , wow you did an amazing job, as a baby musician... I dream to sometimes work with great personalities like yourself and which I know I’d learn a lot and it’d help me grow definitely. I must say again. Weldone sir, nice job. Keep steeming and touching lives

@jerrybanfield you should consider making 8D music too, they are very great when you listen with headphone.

So cute sir @jerrybanfield, the small dancing with the beat of your creation, although the video shows your not yet that expert when it comes to music but the excitement and passion of doing it covers the confidence, good thing that you really love what your doing, keep it up!

Magical! ;) Thanks for sharing. Upvoted!

Wish i can be musically oriented. I am always thrilled at listening to good sound. Nice work from you sir. @jerrybanfield

The sounds are perfect you doing that in professional way .and also you have a lot of talent goodjob

(((( RESTEEM ))))

NIce music. Where we can see you behind mix pult in some club?

  ·  4년 전

'Listening to instrumental music like this is fun because the sounds stimulate the mind and at the same time provide a rest from our world of constant talking'

You just said it all. Thanks for that illustration and expression.

@jerrybanfield, this sounds AMAZING! It makes me feel light and happy and playful. And yes, it makes me dance and twirl, both in my mind and in body.

Thank you so much for this. And for your encouraging words about starting to create our own music.

I have ALWAYS wanted to play with creating my own musical sounds but gave up piano training decades ago and thought it wouldn't make sense to try to compose. Wow! Now I have to earn even more Steemit to buy some starting equipment. ;)

Wow,extraordinary. I like the detailed description of every instrument used. Bravo boss, bravo!

Hi how are you? Really cool music, post and video, i love it - and sweet music gear you have ! I’m a new steemit user and would like to connect with other cool steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.


hey @jerrybanfield, nice songs .you are a guy of many talent.

Music just connects to your Soul. It gives you peace of mind.. it makes you feel life. Amazing thing.. and u keep inspiring us to do new things....though I liked your Tee with acceptance message.. acceptance to music, to people ,to love ,to world :)

@jerrybanfield lovely post really enjoyed it

Its you again @jerrybanfield
A stylistic crooner

I love your hard works brother

Your like the michael Jordan of steemit, Dtube , Dsound and youtube. U can do it all man awesome stuff.

This guy knows all about this platform learn from him.

Man, is there anything you can't do?


@belemo pretty much everything besides what I show on Steem!


Haha. You're a legend man. I fiddle with a phone app(music maker) sometimes and make beats but nothing close to this.


Lol. Nothing close to this??
Try again...this time..harder


Phone apps limit me bro.

Keep up the good work!

Hello do you have youtube channel ? and you still use youtube or moved to Dtube?

Like u r post my heart


Great track! Thank you, Jerry. 🖖

very good music .... i really like to hear it in the morning ...

hey jerry i am new on steemit i hope you help me out best regards

Original work sir thank you for sharing this post. i upvoted

The sounds are lovely...your making your morning beautiful...@jerrybanfield

AWESOME music!!! It made me want to dance.

Nice man. Help me out need support.

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Beautyful, music is the language that You feel with the heart

Sir I always respect u.pls sir ami steem power so pls sir I upvote my post sir one upvote @jerrybanfield

Goood posst

  ·  4년 전

Wow it is so cool..I'm a newbie here sir@jerrybanfield Been reading your blogs and I just listened to your music.. And I like it..very impressive.. Thank you for sharing sir...

Wow really good! Thanks for the detailed post!

Hey, I kind of like this. It is sort of helping me stay focused at work right now!

you have lots in your ppckets right? :)

@jerrybanfield It is so nice to have a hobby that gives enjoyment and is exciting to share with others. As always thanks for your great content.