Firework (Electric Mandolin Cover)

2년 전

Hello hello friends, today I bring you my version of "Firework", belonging to the American singer Katty Perry, this cheerful theme is a hymn to self-acceptance, to love yourself as you are. The lyrics of "Firework" highlight the special that we all have inside, regardless of our peculiarities. The song begins with the singer addressing the listener, asking if he has ever felt like a plastic bag drifting from the wind, wanting to start over. Or as we have once felt as thin as paper, like a castle of cards to a whisper of falling. With these lines the singer establishes the situation in which we have all met once: sad, lost, rejected, afraid to say who we are for what the rest will say. It establishes how society has sometimes pushed us to feel alone, rejected, without any company. but now it shows us the solution. (Part of the chorus). The artist tells us that we all have a spark inside us, that we just have to let it out and shine. That we must possess the night as if it were the 4th of July (the day of independence of the United States). With this we want to say that these differences are just, those characteristics that all criticize, what makes us unique, special. We should not be ashamed of who we are or what defines us. We must let it out and shine in front of those who told us we could not. We should be proud of being different. Then the singer continues to encourage us. It tells us that we are fireworks, that we let our colors come out. That we let people be surprised, amazed by our greatness. We should not let them tell us that we are worth less to be who we are. We must dazzle the world with our originality and greatness, without fear of being judged. It is the confidence in ourselves that makes others admire us ..... I hope you like friends!!!!

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