Fooled Around and Fell in Love

2년 전

hello friends, today I bring you a little something old, but very good, it is "Fooled Around and Feel Love", belonging to the American singer and guitarist of blues and country music, Elvin Bishop, I must mention that this song raised it some time, but I never liked the arrangement I made, including the track, but as never, it's late and to vindicate me, with all the respect you deserve, I decided to record it again, I hope you like it!

hola amigos, hoy les traigo un tema algo viejito, pero muy bueno, se trata de "Fooled Around and Feel Love", perteneciente a el cantante y guitarrista estadounidense de música blues y country, Elvin Bishop, debo mencionar que este tema lo subi hace un tiempo, pero jamas me gusto el arreglo que le hice, incluyendo la pista, pero como nunca, es tarde y para reivindicarme, con todo el respeto que ustedes merecen, decidi grabarlo nuevamente, espero les guste!!!

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