Satellites - Entry for Blockchain Music Challenge :D

3년 전

This is for the 4th round with the theme "Space & Black Holes". Interested? You still have time to enter! The official contest days are: December 12th 2018 to December 23rd 2018 at 11:59 PM EST!

I had to enter this song! It has space written all over it. So here's the story behind the song. It's about those times were you cross paths with a stranger and you feel compelled to talk to them... but fear or excuses get the best of you and you don't. It doesn't necessarily refer to a romantic encounter. I've had many great conversations on the road and on the streets with strangers.

So, before we hit the black hole... Remember that we are flying around in space and our chance encounters are one in billions with each other. You never know what you may be missing and you never know when your last chance to connect with someone is. When I sing that "I want more of you", it just means I want to know more about you. I want to know your story.
It's easy to forget that we all have layers. It's easy to forget that we're all in the same boat hurtling through space...

#blockchainmusic #smacommunity

I use Protools and my only instruments are my voice, my Alvarez nylon string guitar, and my Akai MPK mini

Travelling like satellites, crossing paths but nothing more
all it takes is a shooting star to knock me off of my course
I want more, so much more, I want more of you
Saturn's full of mystery. I want to discover yours
I have one chance to do this right, to be the one you can't ignore
I want more, so much more, I want more of you
Of all the galaxies
the odds that we would meet
of all the city streets
your path still crosses me
of all the mysteries
the dreams we seek to keep
could you be the key
that unravels everything...

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This is pretty awesome song. I love the concept. We truly are all in the same boat.


Thanks man! I appreciate you stopping by to have a listen!

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Cinematic and awesome track dude. Can totally see credits rolling to this one, great job!

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