"Fix You" by Coldplay (LIVE cover)

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Music Monday! I love sharing songs that are recorded live and raw, with crowd chatter and background noise included... for those who really enjoy the whole experience, it's a nice way to feel like you were actually there. This one is a cover my band and I did of "Fix You" by Coldplay. It's such a beautiful song with an emotional build up. One of those that gives me chills every time.

Going in, it takes a good 30 seconds until I start singing.. but that creates the atmosphere, if you can imagine it. Because this song starts soft and slow, it's natural for the crowd (especially in a bar setting) to be a bit distracted and talk among themselves... but the best part, in my opinion, is when the build up happens because there is a shift in everyone's attention and they remained engaged til the end. Stick it out thru the recording.. let us give you the feels.

Oak City Roots, recorded live at Black Lotus Brewery - Clawson, Michigan (January 23, 2016)

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