🎼 Avicii - The Nights (Cover Violin) 🎻(Solo Audio)

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The Nights es una canción del DJ sueco Avicii. Cuenta con la colaboración vocal, aunque sin acreditar, del músico estadounidense Nicholas RAS Furlong, el tema nos habla y nos dice que si trabajas duro para alcanzar tus sueños todo llega a ser posible, tambien nos enseña a que hay que vivir la vida intensamente y a disfrutarla, pero sobre todo deja claro su mensaje: "Vive la vida que vayas a recordar".

Sin más nada que decir espero disfruten de este tema y sea de su agrado y recuerden si les gusta denme su voto o un comentario .


The Nights is a song by Swedish DJ Avicii. It has the vocal collaboration, although uncredited, of the American musician Nicholas RAS Furlong, the subject speaks to us and tells us that if you work hard to achieve your dreams everything becomes possible, it also teaches us that we have to live life intensely and enjoy it, but above all make clear his message: "Live the life you're going to remember."

Without more anything to say I hope you enjoy this topic and to your liking and remember if you like give me your vote or a comment


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nice cover and RIP Avicii :)

Hermoso y espectacular Karen, me gusto mucho este cover!!!...


Muchas Gracias :)


@kKarenmp REALLY like all the detailed descriptions of the violin covers that You do...

AND... of course, Your music continues to get better + better.

Thank You Karen !!


Thank you very much for your real comment, and I always try to keep improving every day more


@kKarenmp... This is exactly why I am supporting You...

Your sincerity, Your ongoing posts, Your attention to detailed descriptions and Your constant improvement on many different levels.

Only wish I could do more...

GOD Bless You, Your Family + Friends !!