M19 Hangin' with WHO 🎙 S2E15 ft. White Walking Feather @wwf, ❤️ ☮️ 🕉 ✡️ ☯️.

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Hangin’ with WHO is a socio-politically charged talk-show I started at WOCC Viking Radio Ocean County College, in NJ, while earning a psychology degree several years ago. Having been on college and internet radio since the 90s curating underground music genres and interviewing underground Hip Hop legends, it seemed the next logical step for my career. I’ve been a social media activist and proponent for radical social reform immersed in anarcho-agorist/socialist circles for many years, which my roster of past and upcoming guests will reflect. In addition to reporting from the frontlines of the miserably failed War on “Drugs”, a segment of each podcast will be sponsored by #EHO and cover the topics of #sustainability, #zerowaste and #mentalhealth & #wellness, in that order. Each week, the podcast will be accompanied by subsequent and concurrent blogging. The opinions expressed on Hangin’ with WHO do not necessarily reflect that of the sponsors, guests nor audience.

Hangin’ with WHO 🎙: Tuesdays 🕖 7-10PM EST

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Hangin' with WHO 🎙 S2E15 ft. @wwf

This went even better than I could have anticipated. I always worry that Rob's ability to go deep and ultra-spiritual will lose me, yet somehow I seem to be able to keep up. Perhaps he's rubbing off on me. I have been more peaceful lately even in the face of tremendous adversity and tumult. I discovered Rob at a time in my life when a spirit guide was in order and he was on the brink of offering himself as model and sort of life coach. I recall, the first time i reached out for him to be on my podcast, he said he wasn't sure because he was really struggling with being so public. He ultimately decided to go ahead and do the show with me and had informed me that this was one of the experiences that helped him decide to remain active. I feel truly blessed and honored to not only have him as a recurring guest, but to call him a true friend and fellow steward of Terra Matter!

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In case you missed it...

Hangin' with WHO Special Edition ft. Bea Johnson

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This is not just idealistic thinking. Self sustaining urban life is possible and may become necessity.


Sustainability has got to be a main focus when child rearing. It's one of the primary reasons I won't send my children to public school. Our species depends on it.




Gonna see if I can get him on the podcast. Thank you. Did you see his TED Talk?


That would be great.


He has a ton of stuff on his home page.... including an open class.

He lost a lot of weight.

Look into it. He is a hero to me in several aspects.


Hey cheetah..your a dum fuck..lol

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