[Liquid Drum & Bass] FiendReflex - A Better Life (Nicky Havey remix) | Free Download


What can I say? I love travelling, I love making Liquid Drum & Bass and I love writing about the stories of both!

When FiendReflex (now Axillian) messaged me many moons ago asking if I wanted to remix his original track with vocals from Gina called "A Better Life", I was honoured actually! I really liked his liquid meets neuro style that he came out with. After hearing the opening sequence of chords and pads blessed us with this original, I knew I wanted to fulfill his request!

The differences between mine and the original are subtle I'd say. I kept my remix on the lighter side of the original (which I can't seem to find anywhere anymore, other than on my hard drive) and made the bassline a little deeper as I'm a deep kinda guy ;) The pads still hit you from the off but I made my own drum beat, played around with the vocals, made them a bit more "echoey" and I hope you enjoy the trancey feel to the track!

If you do like it, then you're in a grotesque amount of luck as it's a freebie from Nicky! Due to the distributors not giving the rights back to me on this one (despite the original label it was released on folding) I am giving an FU to them on this occasion - so go ahead, grab it from dsound :)

The picture is taken from one of my many travel adventures, this one was in Yosemite back in 2014, when it was indeed "A Better Life" :) I don't often get my legs and arms out but I think you'll agree, they are showstoppers LOL!

Take it easy & enjoy


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