DSound v0.3: Fixes to upload, Improved validations, New IPFS gateway, Tags without prefix, easy IPFS local node and much more!

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Hey my DSound tribe! :)

You waited patiently for DSound new version and here it is the first release of 2018 packed with cool stuff! :)



What is DSound?

DSound is a decentralized web application, developed in Javascript and React, that allows anyone to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network. It uses STEEM blockchain as a persistent database, and by posting the sounds the authors can earn rewards in STEEM cryptocurrency, when other users like their content, which can be exchanged easily to US Dollars, Euros or any other currency, similar to Steemit.com for blog posts.

Check DSound Intro post for more details

About @dsound delegations and curation

My huge thank you to everybody who delegated to @dsound! It makes a huge deal for the curation effort! :)

As most of you certainly noticed @dsound account lost a major delegator, this augmented by the losses in value of STEEM resulted in the much lower payout of the great content in our loved platform...

But we managed to strengthen the curation team, now counting with 3 curators and myself, which has resulted in more than 300 artists being rewarded properly in DSound, and this number growing everyday! :)

It is such a big deal for us, as curators in the platform, to get to the Trending or Hot pages and see only great content coming out of DSound, with such proportionate and interesting payouts. We're really proud of the achievements of curation in only 1 month!

In this first month @dsoundcuration effort was able to distribute near 26K STEEM, spread to an average of more than 200 artists daily of the more than 700 daily sounds published. This is a huge deal for our 5000+ users and community!

The Top Delegators

  1. @misterdelegation
  2. @soundlegion
  3. @freetousesounds
  4. @harrisonmir
  5. @humanabstract
  6. @kemal13
  7. @justlibby
  8. @talhadogan
  9. @frew
  10. @svetoruss

Please go check out these guys! Most of them are artists in DSound that want to support the curation effort... Thanks a lot guys for giving back to the platform! :)

And to all the other people that didn't delegate yet, please do so... It is very important to build a strong curation account to build up our power to keep this platform with great incentives to our artists and sound creators!

It's phrases like these that make me wake up everyday and give the best of me to this project:

Hey friend! I don't know if you know me , but I am one of your biggest fan! You changed my life few weeks ago when I started actively posting on dsound every day.
It really enabled me to create more content , to dedicate myself to your platform and more importantly to believe in myself in a way that I haven't for years , I can feed my children doing what I love, so a big thank you to you my brother from Lisbon.
Hopefully one day I can meet you in real and shake your hand or buy you a beer :)

DSound is this! <3

DSound Discord Server (the tribe gets connected)

Please join our Discord server at:


There you'll find a few channels to have everybody from our growing community getting together and making DSound even better.

We invested a significant effort in organizing this community server and now we have rules, a set of channels where people have great chats, or support and suggestion of features... Thanks to all participants! It was tough at the beginning but paid out in the end. Now we'll add few moderators to help curators with normal day to day activities of the server, stay tuned for the announcements...

The steemit.chat channels will continue but will be less checked from now on...

What's new in DSound v0.3?

Ready to find out what else is packed in this new release? Come on, grab a cup of coffee, sit down and relax...

Active discovery of public IPFS gateways

In order to make DSound streaming and content delivery faster, it now starts with a predefined gateway and then initiates a connection with each of the available gateways to identify the faster one, with lower latency.

This means that DSound should be more responsive and it will be less frequent to see missing cover art or sound waves.

Extra error checking and fixes on Upload

There were a few of you that didn't get their tracks uploaded, and I worked with a few to figure out the problems and correct them. Thanks a lot to the folks that had the patience to send me all the information I needed to correct this and implement extra error checking on this important part of DSound.

New DSound IPFS upload gateway

Yes, probably you remember last Saturday, that DSound was left without upload for a period of 10 hours...

Well, DSound supplier of IPFS gateway told us that he would go to shutdown the gateway in 5 days on Friday. So I was planning to use those days to deploy my own gateways exclusive to DSound instead, reducing the friction for whenever some management operation was needed.

So, during my sleep from Friday to Saturday, the gateways were shutdown and I woke up with a huge list of messages in Discord with problems with upload. It was already out of service for around 5 hours and I had to configure the new server, the IPFS and all those tricks to make it work, the fastest I could!

And so I did... It took around 5 hours to put up, and now we're back to uploading craziness! :)

SEO friendly URLs and Page Title

Now DSound uses #! (hashbang) instead of only # (hash) enabling web crawlers to still find their way in DSound pages, even so that the content is rendered in Browser in Javascript.

All the pages have also relevant information in the title. So if you are on your feed, then your username or name will appear or if you are at a track page the track title will show up on the page title.

This seams to be such a useless one, but it really makes a difference when it comes to bookmarking pages of artists you like, so you wouldn't end up with a bunch of pages with the same title in your favorites... Now you can see what it links to!

Extra Tags without the dsound- prefix

This one was highly wanted, so I got it done. Now the only tags that are processed internally by DSound are the content type and the genre/main tag. So it you want to publish a cover of a pop song (yes, now there is also a Cover song type), then you would choose Cover song for type and pop for genre, and this will result in dsound, music, dsound-cover and dsound-pop. But now if you upload a Podcast episode, then you will not get music, but podcast instead!

So now remains the extra tags field where you put tags separated by , and those now are placed in your sound post without any prefix! So you can control on which tags your content will appear.

It is important that you don't remove the dsound-type and dsound-genre tags, because they are needed to be able to click a genre and those sounds get listed under that genre, for instance...

This change forced that the extra tags, that appear on the bottom of the description on the entire post view page, stopped being navigable by clicking them. These tags are now only relevant for Steemit and friends, but not for DSound. The sound type and the genre are still navigable by clicking, opening a special view showing only sounds that share that sound type or genre.

New convention for sound generated links

Now you may notice that your sounds link has some big number at the beginning, right after the category, and then the regular striped title without spaces.

This has many advantages, one of which is to be able to publish the same title for a track as the post describing the process of your song, for instance... Another even bigger possibility is to be able to publish the same track multiple times, to be able to monetize your catalog in a better way, since good music is timeless!

Please be careful with this. Don't spam your audience. if you have a small catalog, then don't overuse this...

Also the various feeds of content now only show the last publication of a certain title. This prevents your feed from getting too stuffed if you use the previous feature.

Login form with extra verifications

One of the most common errors preventing the users from logging in was that some guys wanted to put the @ sign on the username... Another was to get the wrong key, like the public key instead of the private.

So now the username field removes automatically any characters that are not valid for a username, validating as well the username conventions: at least 3 characters in each segment, that can be separated with . and only using letters, numbers or the - symbol.

The key is also now tested if it fits the rules for a STEEM private key.

So if the orange triangle at the right of these fields doesn't go away when you input your data, then probably the data is wrong... Copy it again or double check it.

Minor internal fixes

Minor fixes here and there. Also improvement in flow from a sound to the next. And configuration now is reloaded from time to time to allow faster update of parameters and also stored locally for faster access...

Improvements in switching to local IPFS node and back

Now this process is almost unnoticeable. if you switch your local IPFS on, then after a bit DSound will switch to it automatically and all connections are routed through that node.

Similarly, when you switch your local node off, then DSound will also switch back to public gateway mode and will run the check again to use the best available gateway with the lowest latency.

House cleaner compliance

Yes, there are a few (dozens...) of copycats in the DSound arena... And we all want them out of out eyes, so now DSound only shows content that has positive weighted votes. This way, if the curation team or any other users flag some of the bad guys, they will not show up in any feed anymore.

What's not in DSound v0.3?

Yes, there is something that I wanted so much to include, but the test phase got some major problems that need addressing, so the migration of DSound to use DSound processing and uploading nodes has to wait for the next release...

This will be the major upgrade to facilitate DSound upload but it better come out vibrant and strong!

So my apologies to all of you, but couldn't keep you waiting longer for all the cool things that were already developed just because of this one. So broke this bundle into two and enhanced this version with the next topic, which is of major coolness!

Local IPFS node the easy way

It's a pleasure to announce to all of you that wanted to install your local IPFS node for some time but struggled with the configuration, that now your problem is solved! And wasn't me who did it... I just figured out the way to finalize the easy configuration to make it work with DSound.

IPFS Desktop


DSound forked this project but for now it is exactly as developed by the guys from IPFS team. But I think that there are some features that may see their way to mix up in this project, because a local node may as well be a processing node, right?

So the idea is to have you playing around with this project. On my Mac it setup really easy. Just needed to change a small bit in the configuration file... Of course this will be the first thing to change for DSound fork of this project, but for now I will tell you how to do it the hard way... ;)


Please click the link above and you'll see on GitHub page below the file browser an "Install" heading, below it you see:

"Go to the latest release ..."

click there, or here because it will link to the same page... There you'll find installation packages for Linux (rpm and deb), Mac OSX (dmg) and Windows (exe), so feel free to download the right one for your platform and install it.

When you run it for the first time you'll see the screen below, and here you better click the "Advanced Options" button to check out where it will install the IPFS data directory in your platform. In Mac and Linux it will be in ".ipfs" directory under your home directory by default, in Windows I don't know because I don't use it...


Then note it down and continue the installation. It should be quite fast.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those who already installed IPFS before in your computer, please delete the installation data directory, and then perform this installation. Most probably IPFS Desktop will not even ask you to install in the first run.

Next just quit the application and go to that directory you noted down. There you should find a file named "config". Open it with your favorite text editor.

In this file you'll read somewhere:


  "API": {
    "HTTPHeaders": null


and you need to change it so that it looks like this:


  "API": {
    "HTTPHeaders": {
      "Access-Control-Allow-Credentials": [
      "Access-Control-Allow-Methods": [
      "Access-Control-Allow-Origin": [


Then start up the IPFS Desktop app again and you should be good to go! This easy! :)

Your node will be configured and running and you'll see in DSound that the node is online in the IPFS Settings.

Please note that this is early stage software that might have some bugs and be in active development so don't rely too much on it, but besides that it worked with me so far and it is a simpler way of starting and stopping the IPFS node when we need it.

If you use it to upload, then please give it some time after the upload to sync up with the network, so that the contents of your sound get spread through caches of other nodes. One good way to make sure is to open the content in another computer running DSound without IPFS, or just wait for people to start watching your content and commenting it, then you know that your content already have a live of its own! :)

DSound will try to pin your own files in your IPFS node, so that if the network "forgets" your content, then you can just connect the IPFS node and access the files again and they will spread again through the network...

What's next?

Well, need to finish the processing and uploading nodes, solving those issues that prevented it to be done by now.

Then will continue down the path of the roadmap by priority...

Another thing that I want to get started with is to put out some marketing effort to bring more people to the platform. When we have the upload resolved and more nodes to make the network scalable infinitely, then the only thing that is missing is more people! And now is the time to do it... :)

Final words

Once again DSound one step closer to be the platform that frees us all and allows us to do what we love: music, sound design, recording, remixing, mashups, podcasts, or whatever is your thing... :)

I am positive about this curation incentive, as the needed fuel to bring DSound to the masses. Please pass the word to your friends! If they produce great content, they will produce even better in this platform...

Together we'll see DSound get to the next level, tribe! :)


DSound curation initiative has done a huge impact this first month. More than 300 artist voted and 26K STEEM distributed. An average 200+ daily votes over 700+ daily uploads, from 5000+ users.

DSound v0.3 brings: Active discovery of public IPFS gateways, Extra error checking and fixes on Upload, New DSound IPFS upload gateway, SEO friendly URLs and Page Title, Extra Tags without the dsound- prefix, New convention for sound generated links, Login form with extra verifications, Minor internal fixes, Improvements in switching to local IPFS node and back, House cleaner compliance.

And also easy instructions on how to install IPFS Desktop from IPFS team to manage your local IPFS node easily!

If you would like to delegate to DSound, please do so. The community will be very grateful and the curation initiative will do great use of it!

Also please vote for my @prc Witness here. Thank you!


or if you cannot find me on the top 50 anymore (I hope you do, but votes come and go...)


Thanks a lot to all fellow members of DSound tribe, all steemians, developers and music addicts like me for your support and encouragement on this project!

Peace! :)

"Music is what feelings sound like"
DSound <3 Music

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How about implementing log-in using steem connect?
I also want to know how?


Got to try this!

This looks bloody awesome!!

Only found Steemit a month ago and then heard alot about Dtube so checked that out and now this.

Great platform and exciting times ahead.

Very useful post about Dsound. Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing. DSound is great to reward musicians. I have one question: Can videos by others be uploaded on Dsound?

Wow! Iv'e never heard about Dsound but it sounds amazing. I gonna give it a try.

Also I would like to ask, if there is some rules like, you are not allowed to post tracks which don't belong to you
But are you allowed to post free soundtracks from the web?

It is not my first intention to do so, but I generally would like to share my music taste to other steemians! I like a undervalued music genre Hardstyle & uptempo which is a EDM sub genre.

I am going to look at the Dsound website, sounds awesome :D



Yea great question. What about copyrighted material? How will steemit prevent copywrite violations on this app? The legal questions do have me a bit worried. Also what are the rules for posting and labeling genres? I know that the tagging system on steemit is suffering from abusers, I just can't imagine what they will do with this app.


If it is a DJ mix, and it's your own, you'll find that the copyright owners of the featured tracks (if not mainstream) mostly won't give a fuck as long as you're not offering the unmixed tracks. Selling a mix is a different matter, but if it's on your shared mix, it's effectively free promotion so... Use your own judgement.

You may make money off your mixes but... It's pocket change, nobody will care. It's not like CD sale money from back in the day.


Dont upload tracks that are not yours... Make a post describing your musical taste and link the artist... You wont be able to make money uploading other peoples music, just forget about it...

  ·  2년 전

If you copy content of others and publish it on DSound is the same thing as trying to make profit selling with goods that are not yours! Don't do it, or when it get's discovered your posts will be flagged and you will not get any payout and lose your reputation.


in a decentralized system it is up to the other users to do something about fraud and abuse. that is the power of the voting system. if its a serious problem then users should organize and make it unappealing to the abusers. that can be done through flagging and down voting. but remember this is the internet and it will resist any attempts at censorship or moderation. you currently coexist with all the copyright infringers and fake newsers online now so why not in this community?

i get its because they are getting rewards that other minnows work hard for. but if thats the case one could fork steemit and start a new platform which if based on the same technology will also catch on as users get dissatisfied with the increasingly saturated steemit platform.


Well said.


If you post a track that violate copyright you will be flagged, you wont be able to monetize it and your reputation will be ruined... Its up to you if you really want to go that way...
Labeling is just common sense, just use the tag that better adjust your genre and thats it... Dont worry about abuse, if you see someone making abuse just flag it and report it on the discord chat... There are curators that are constantly checking the content...


exactly my thoughts!


Guys, you should not be uploading any music that is not yours or your interpretation of it... If you want to share your taste on music just make a simple blog post with the link to the music you like and add some value, its just not your music and you should not be monetizing it, it doesnt matter if its a free soundtrack from the web... If some artist decide to publish their tracks for free, its just not fair that you grab those tracks and make money from it...

Excellent Thanks

Why is my older music gone off of dsound? This is a question that nobody has been able to answer for me @prc

Interesting. Do i need to directly login through steemit. Some help needed. Im new here

I hope this overtakes apps like spotify! We need more people to embrace the decentralized future!

  ·  2년 전

Oh wow, there's a dsound now as well? that's pretty cool

This is amazing news and I'm so excited. Can't imagine where our community will be in one years time.

Since I built up quite a nice SP I'd love to delegate to @dsound but I can't figure out how to. So if anyone can help me out, please do.


I help you Jon! Go to https://steembottracker.com/ click on "tools". You will see "Delegation Manager". You will see "Delegator". That will be your name on @Steemit. Than you see a field with "Delegatee". In this field you type in DSound! Now you can delegate the steemdollar you want :) Super easy and thank you for doing this! I delegate almost every day to DSound!


I just updated the daily musician's promotion checklist to include these instructions. Thank you @freetousesounds

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 16.14.46.png


What a great article! Thanks for putting this all together!


delegation.png That was really easy! Thanks a lot @freetousesounds and @dsound


Good Morning from Bali!! I just woke up and you are more than welcome and the more people delegate to @prc and @Dsound that more voting power is available. It is a pleasure to me that I could tell you this and a big thank you should also go to @yabapmatt.He created the Steembottracker and also got my witness vote! :) See you around Guys! Time for my morning jogging!


Hope you enjoyed it 😀


I did not ask the question but I have been searching for that answer, thanks @freetousesounds


Good News

Reading the artist from Lisbon’s comment to you more or less echo’d exactly what I’ve been feeling....I’ve been on the grind recording and producing other people's music for literally my entire adult life and brass tacks, I’ve never felt more motivated to produce my own work than right now ... and that’s entirely because of DSound and the people I’ve met through it. It’s helped me stay motivated with steemit and the “pressure” of wanting to get content up daily has helped me refine my workflow tremendously.

Thanks @prc for all your hard work and for the tremendous diligence you and all the Dsound curators have demonstrated. Considering all the love I've received it seemed only appropriate to send some back via delegation.

Crushin it.

  ·  2년 전

Thanks a lot for your kind words! :) Together we can make DSound the biggest sound platform for independent and upcoming artists, musicians and content creators of all times! This is just the beginning... ;)


I can already tell from your relentless dedication to it that it will get better and better.

As they say on Dragon's Den: "Invest in people not products". This would not happen without your dedication!


here here!!!


I checked steemd to make sure my delegation went through, saw you had sent twice as much as me and immediately doubled down haha.



Amazing music project, could possibly compete with soundcloud in the future as the blockchain alternative. Love these amazing ideas by the community.

Now it sounds good


This comment has received a 1.04 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @hurrahay.

Please add my account name @prc @dsound

Wow. Congratulations for your effort. That's a huge improvement. Loved DSound and now i love more.

Extra Tags without the dsound- prefix

This one was highly wanted, so I got it done. Now the only tags that are processed internally by DSound are the content type and the genre/main tag. So it you want to publish a cover of a pop song (yes, now there is also a Cover song type), then you would choose Cover song for type and pop for genre, and this will result in dsound, music, dsound-cover and dsound-pop. But now if you upload a Podcast episode, then you will not get music, but podcast instead!

This is so awesome. It prevents spam-tagging and seperates the tags from the genre, but there's much more meta data. I'm thinking extra tags should come with reputation and valuation of an artist. Emanate should consider also tuning and temperament, there's a lot of people on this planet and thus different tunings, scales and temperaments. That's why I love Logic Pro because it comes out of the box with this. Great for education.

I'd like to work with you guys on that!

So now remains the extra tags field where you put tags separated by , and those now are placed in your sound post without any prefix! So you can control on which tags your content will appear.

Always handy to parse and reload those like Twitter's UX does while tweeting.

It is important that you don't remove the dsound-type and dsound-genre tags, because they are needed to be able to click a genre and those sounds get listed under that genre, for instance...

This change forced that the extra tags, that appear on the bottom of the description on the entire post view page, stopped being navigable by clicking them. These tags are now only relevant for Steemit and friends, but not for DSound. The sound type and the genre are still navigable by clicking, opening a special view showing only sounds that share that sound type or genre.

Of course emanate will have a classifier based on #machinelearning #ML very excited about that! (yes I read the whitepaper).

그리고 반갑습니다.

Great improvement. Dsound is gonna be a cool platform

Thanks for keeping us up to date.

You are appreciated!

Sooooo great to hear about improvements!!!


Maybe at the end of the "Trending Hot New" menu you could add "Delegate" with a simple page of instructions to encourage this? I know our members are extremely grateful for all your efforts and would be happy to delegate but a lot of them are not technical people just musicians and it seems a bit confusing!!

Keep up the great work. You have my support 100%!!!!

Onwards and upwards!!

Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

Follow @JuxtaMusic for More Of My Music

  ·  2년 전

@atomcollector, I know that from the user experience point of view that would make all the sense, but there are technical and security issues behind that kind of page:

  1. Having such a page the user would need to input their active private key. That is the kind of responsibility I don't want to have in DSound. Since DSound never has access to your wallet, the only harm that can come from any security flaw in DSound is some spam posts or comments, but nothing more.
  2. By supplying such a page, it would be a big incentive to have people forging that page for fishing sites as they already did for SteemConnect, so my idea is that people should be very careful where they use their private keys, specially the ones that allow access to their money like the active private key.

To get an easier way of accessing and operating your Steem acounts, I suggest Vessel Wallet from @jesta (witness) as my favorite tool to handle all my account operations. It's free, open source and it is maintained by our highest ranked witness, which can supply extra peace of mind related to security... You should always be reluctant to input your active private key on any application that you don't know!

Please follow this link if you want to give it a try:

Absolutely love DSound, keep up the phenomenal work! These updates are exciting.

While it is nice to see my name up there, I am shocked that someone my size would be the #4 delegator to DSound. I was wrong in assuming such a great platform/community would have so much more! But not to mislead, that's not a reflection of the amazing work you guys do - it only means there is much more to come.

If there is anything I can do, let me know! You always have my personal endorsement - it's such a great platform for musicians. I've mentioned before that I'd be happy to assist in moderating the Discord if that's something that would help the DSound team.

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for your kind words! :) Yes, DSound is just in the beginning... And we need to get much more support from the community, like what happens with Utopian.io project for developers. DSound will be much more solid and sustainable if it can count with strong, disperse and reliable delegation sources.

It is great to have big delegators to incentivize the project, and I welcome much more because they just made possible so much that I didn't even dreamed of before having this delegation, but it is a high risk for us as a community to only rely on those incentives to drive our collective Steem Power.

Big delegations are not a right of our community, they are there to help us grow! I understand completely that @ned, @misterdelegation, @freedom or any other big stakeholders of Steem Power have to direct their power to grow Steem value, because that way they value their stake, but they are not there to serve us! If I would be in their shoes I would do exactly the same: incentivize projects that value Steem and bring awareness of the platform, but expect those projects to find their way to achieve sustainability not depending on the seed delegation provided!

That should be our way guys! :)


I totally agree @prc. It's great to have that start-up SP to make the proof of concept work (which it has!) but now we need to make the community self-sufficient.

There are always ways to help incentivize and bring attention to delegations too! Simple things like creating delegator roles on the Discord (which must have hundreds of members by this point) can be really effective, not just to incentivize at face value, but also to bring attention to the fact that people are delegating and give them some flair (people love flair).

Again, keep up the phenomenal work! I've since upped my delegation from 100 to 300 as I believe in this project and will be happy to help out wherever I can to support the vision. Cheers!

I’ve just voted for you as a witness, @prc.

Thank you, for the good work you do with @dsound. As a poet it’s a treat to have this outlet to share my work and, currently, I’m experimenting on collaborating with musicians to take my poetry readings to the next level!

I hope you might like the results 🤓

Onwards, upwards ✌🏼



I would be interested in putting some of your poetry to music.

Let me know!


Hey, that’s excellent to hear, @atomcollector ! 🤓

Here’s a brief introduction to my work: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/poetry/humble-one-liners-can-teach-us-times-live

If you like, I can send you a reading of a poem I’ve just done a reading of, and you see what you come up with?

I’m Yahia on Discord, btw 👏🏼

very nice development on dsound more power

Thanks for your work! tip! 1

  ·  2년 전

Hi @prc! You have received 1.0 SBD tip + 0.02 SBD @tipU from @cardboard :)

@cardboard wrote lately about: Podgląd Naszego Konta Steem (Głosy, Komentarze) W Czasie Rzeczywistym: Steemblockexplorer + Auto Update. Feel free to follow @cardboard if you like it :)

U Rock! Kudos on all your efforst Salute!

I regularly look for music that is not of the already known genres, I have given my turns by @dsound and I have found great compositions that make me crazy my senses, I think it's great that they continue to build the improvements to the platform, it is an incentive more for those They want to share their sounds and compositions because they will receive constructive criticism that will undoubtedly improve them. I congratulate you. We are really building a new world based on cryptography + everyday life.

  ·  2년 전

Exactly! I also found so many great music with DSound... It's amazing the growth we are seeing and most importantly know that we're not even started yet... DSound is only Alpha stage software! :)

Hi Prc and Dsound community. I had to let you know I love DSound. I just discovered it tonight and it’s like my two passions collided out of nowhere. To hear you talk of marketing and widening the community exhilarates me, I have something to offer, please read my proposition and try and get to Prc. I am a eighteen year old from the U.S. I have been involved in blockchain and Crypto for the past three years and over the last year have begun entering the Development side of the space. I also noticed there were almost no artists under twenty on DSound especially in Rap or R&B. In my city I produce for some of the most talented Rap and R&B artists. Together we have major social media influence especially with young adults who love music. My top collaborators get 50k-60k/Song plays on Soundcloud. Myself and a few of the artists I work closest with have been planning on creating a blockchain independent label with my knowledge of blockchain, music production, their vocals and social media influence. Then Tonight I stumbled upon your platform which I think is revolutionary. If you would be willing to collaborate with a younger entrepreneur I think I could help tap DSound into a huge audience within the young Rap and R&B scene I’m part of in the. I was looking at possibly using IPFS for streaming and ownership of our content for the label we are building but I see you beat me too it haha, which is great.
If you have any interest in working together to reaching my audience I would be honored to help push DSound forward in any way I could. I would work with my team of smart entrepreneurial musicians and promoters to bring the platform a huge audience it’s missing so far. We would also get DSound in front of tens of thousands of young people with our traditional social media influence many of who also create quality music. This would be a priority for myself alongside my label because I whole heartedly believe in the concept. You would make a awesome Mentor on the Development side of this new industry being passionate for music as well as decentralization. Blockchain is the future as Crypto enthusiasts we both know that, young people are also the future. We could help each other build a bridge to the next generation of blockchain with music.
Hope to hear from you soon - Los : loskappo@gmail.com

Really enthusiastic when I hear about DSound, the very optimistic SoundCloud destroyer.
My issue here is that for the past 2 months, I haven't been able to upload a single track to it. No progression on the loading bar, no nothing. It just stagnates for ages until I get bored of it and give up.
I've tried Wav and mp3, different tracks of different lengths, but nothing... Can you guys work on that? You're talking about 5000+ users posting music on a daily basis, but maybe the biggest factor to slowing this down is how many other users struggle like me (and I'm good with technology)..

now it sound is heart touching .very lovely sound.i up vote to you. p l z up vote me


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This sounds so great.

Thats what I get when starting a song

The very good post and writen, can you help me to join to d sound

I'm reading your post and I like it a lot.

for example! I like to mix my favorite songs and look for new sounds.

can I upload them to dsound, without any problem?

you are awesome and continue to give the best brothers, I am one of the music fans, maybe I should try to listen to some songs through the application dsound you created, success for you @brd

cant even tell you enough how awesome DSound is and how great a job you are doing pulling it all together. Fantastic work guys keep it up, will be continuing support onward and up. much love

@prc your artycle is very good,
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Thank you for all of your hard work! Dsound has re inspired me and gives me a great place to share my content. All the best to you!planet3.png

Very helpfull post,and also Recharge able.i learn lot of things from ur post, i hope your next post wil be so exclusive for us and teach able post,i wait for ur next post,overall thanks for show out about dsound for us


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Just amazing @prc keep up this awesome work!!!

Beautiful. How about implementing log-in using steem connect!

I recently had a client that was struggling with the /t/ and /d/ sounds and realized I have not yet covered these on Mommy Speech Therapy, so I thought I’d share some thoughts on how to teach these sounds. I have grouped these sounds together because they are produced in the same manner and place. The only difference between the /t/ and /d/ sounds is the /d/ sound is voiced while the /t/ sound is not. If your child can produce a /t/ sound and not the /d/ sound you simply teach them to “turn on their voice” for the /d/ sound. Or if it is the other way around you teach them to “turn off their voice” by whispering the sound for the /t/.

nice review. gather a lot of new important information from your post.which was unknown to me.

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Great thanks for the hard work!

Nice! I've been having all kinds of trouble uploading to Dsound, but I was just able to get it done. Thanks, man!

Good stuff!!

Great sir, very nice!

Been here for a month, never use dsound.

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Thanks for the update and for your vote support ! It's really been helpful and I've gotten lots of great feedback and ideas from the DSound Community. Can't wait to finish my 1st STEEMIT/DSound exclusive Album !!!

This is a great development, more power to you @prc, this is indeed a step closer to realizing the dreams of fellow music lovers, I'm so excited!!!

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date and congrats with all latest updates and improving the already awesome platform of DSound!

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Excellent work, sir! I haven't done this before, so fingers crossed it works - Tipuvote!

EDITED: Dang, got a memo in my wallet. Apparently the bot is in recovery mode for the next 12 hours. I'll be back. :)

Fantastic work, Mr. Reis Colaço, I am very proud to be a member of this wonderful community! I would love to help by delegating, but I only joined a month ago, would my contribution be worth it? The maximum I could delegate right now, according to the delegation manager, would be 94.749 SP, would it make a difference? When I upvote on my own, my 100% vote is worth about $0.03. Is it different when added to yours by delegating? Let me know, I have the Steem power delegation manager standing by... :)


I did my own research into delegation and found out I should keep some SP so I can still have enough bandwidth to resteem and post. I therefore delegated 50 SP to dsound, I hope it helps! Thanks a lot for all the time and energy you put into this marvelous project of yours! All the best!

  ·  2년 전

Every delegation makes a huge difference! Thanks a lot man! And most importantly, it will revert back to the community as valuable votes on great content... So everybody wins! :)

amazing new :) really happy to know about it

Brilliant work @prc :) Loving what you do - and if you ever need any help, just hollar!

Witness @prc
You are very gooood.
Please i like this tut and am going to put it in practice tomorrow

Just wanted to add my thanks for the fantastic work you're doing here. Dsound is enabling me and many other musicians here to actually get rewarded for our music, something that is almost impossible in the traditional music industry.

I've stopped an existing delegation elsewhere and will transfer that SP to Dsound when it's processed in 7 days. I hope others will help with delegation to make rewards bigger for all of us!

  ·  2년 전

Thanks a lot man! :) And thanks for your great content!

Is this platform competing with viberate?

thank you for the information - extremely helpful

Good post sir. You shere is information and motivation be my

Thank you @prc for all the amazing work you and everyone is doing @dsound! I believe wholeheartedly in what this platform provides the creative community! I can't wait to see how we all grow together!

Wooow. It will be amazing. I think I should try to publish more songs on DSound soon.

Dsound, i'm With You!

I just have to share this, this is awesome. Keep it up, can't wait to see everything grow :D.


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Good informaion. Thanks for your work.

@prc, thank you so much for all your hardwork and for all the crazy amount of effort you put into making @dsound work for all of us.
I am one of the many that get support and upvotes from dsound and the curators and am able to live off doing the thing I'm passionate about - producing podcasts about things I love - and also support my family.

I cannot express how grateful I am for you and the whole team's efforts. I will always support dsound and spread the word as often as I can .

Looking forward to the future updates :)

  ·  2년 전

Thanks a lot! Your content also makes DSound better for all of us! :) Keep up the great work as well buddy!

Awesome! Thanks for the good job!:)

Good news. Thank you @dsound and @prc the platform will GROWTH. !

with the presence of dsound, it is expected that the world community can work better, and can even beat the voice of artist wherever located, thanks dsoun.

Great post, thanks for sharing

very useful

gg, awesome update!!

Wow so good post bro i like this post

nice, but iam sure to do this

Blockchain wins again !!

you are very good at singing and creating songs like that get the highest pay I want like you how I should start it @prc

Thanks guys this is awesome news great job and brilliant info for us new people to read up on

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Thank you @prc , thanks for all the great works you and also delegators did, great job for the improvements, you are really working hard on this project! wish you the bests man!!
Peace & Love!

nice informations... thanks..
please vote me and follow back. @sarine

The reforms were implemented at the Commission’s initiative and were intended to decentralize implementation and increase the role of member state competition authorities in this process. Nonetheless, the Commission remains a key player in the new European Competition Network, a fact that has been praised by those who emphasise the importance of maintaining coherence, and also criticized by those who argue for a more robust role of member states in shaping EU competition policy. In examining the detailed provisions of the Modernization Regulation together with the available experience about the operation of the competition network, the paper emphasises the novel requirements for reporting of implementation activities and the formalisation of peer evaluation procedures as mechanisms to generate, distil and distribute learning among its members. The need to introduce flexibility in the implementation framework arose not only because EC competition law was to apply to a greater number of different (national) economies, but also because the economic landscape has become more heterogeneous in general. Thus, old policy templates are unlikely to be of assistance to competition decision-makers: while reliance on economic analysis focuses competition enforcement on market outcomes, the static economic toolkit is not always helpful in analyzing competitive effects in highly dynamic markets


I have long waited, thanks for the information.

How about it's copyright and DMCA policy?

This looks like an awesome project, with Incredible potential! So glad to learn more about this! Ty for sharing!

I am very impressed with the articles you make, from the description of one word to another word is very beneficial and motivational for the reader.
very good work

Thank you for the information was very informative.

would copyright matter?

Waaaahhhh!!! Congrats on the progress @prc! Man I know you've been working like a mad man, BIG UP & mad respect to you!
Thank you for bringing Dsound to life & continuing to dedicate so much love & effort into it, you rock man!! <3

  ·  2년 전

Thanks a lot! :) Keep up creating the great content you share with us! The beauty of DSound is that it is a Win-Win project! By sharing your work you make the community happier, and by getting community votes you will be happier! Sharing love really pays off in DSound... So cool isn't it? ;)


YEEEESSS, a very excellent system! Thank you for giving us a platform where, if you are good, you get rewarded for your work.
I am happy your are enjoying my content, rest assured there will be a lot more from me, music is my life & my preferred language <3
I've been ill the past week & still have a lil trouble with congestion, which is affecting my ears. I dunno how I managed to finish the last track "Droppin Tha Drop" for the Beat Battle League & even make 3rd place, crazy! I am getting better though & am working on the next few tracks already, just need to take it a lil slow.
Huggins to ya, D.

Thank you

Sir this information is very helpful and It is a nice featured that in Dsound login with steem connect Thanks

Excelente, apenas estoy comenzando en esta comunidad y voy conociendo iniciativas tan geniales como la de ustedes, aunque todavia no entiendo bien muchas cosas, soy músico y deseo compartir con ustedes!

hi I don't understand plz step by step.

Ajarin saya biar di vote seperti anda

Thanks you @prc for caring about us as artists... I'm happy to be apart of such an amazing community...

everything is perfect isee

Good job brother.....keep it up!

Hay guy.. You fine in the steemit..

Fantastic all around. Will be delegating soon.

I have vote @prc to my witness :)


Excellent Thanks @prc, very good work, I am glad to meet you.

good and nice


Excellent Thanks

Interesting your post @prc

very useful

Yeeeeeeees, this sounds awesome! Can't wait to get home and check it out!

Good job mister 👍

Nice 👍 thanks 👌

Thanks for the update. This is incredible work that truly is building infrastructure for the entire blockchain.

Wow is great. Awesome people are already a delegate @kemal13

I like Dsound 👍

very helpful

good information...thank you

excellent posts, incredible information, as the economy improves, and the increase in the income of the affluent, the time becomes more valuable: every hour means more incredible music that pours out the whole world.


It’s so awesome all the work you guys are putting in for dsound and us artists! Thanks a lot man!

Long time I'm trying to upload my music in dsound. But I failed all the time... it shows that IPFS setting problem. Is there any solution?

excellent posted

great work sir,excellent post,incredibleinformation,IT,S amazing post.i,m so excited.thanks for keeps up to date.i,m also voted you.d,sound im supporting you.
you are a hardworker.keep it up...

That is brilliant :)

Good information about you

It has been great month and more great times ahead, brother!
Thank you for doing all this for the sake of artists and art itself. We'll translate this post in Russian (as always) to spread the word. Big cheers from frostbitten land! :)

Hmm gerçekten güzel bir çalışma tebrik

I am in love with this platform, I just want it to get more popular. The devs are doing a great job. @prc

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This is really sweet. text, audio and video with steemit, dsound, dtube.

I hope once testing and adoption increases we can try convincing some of the bigger hitters to move their content over from their centralized equivalents onto here.

Next step would be to let people embed these different channels on their website.

nice, article like this often help a lot most times.

  ·  2년 전

woow ...
good news

Great @prc ....imagine where we'll be in upcoming years... And what about using steem connect for logging in??????

Now that's a fantastic improvement. Maybe this explains why I couldn't upload my music a few hours back.

I'm hoping to use this more for more collab projects. Thank you very much for the updates!

It's amazing sir..
sir, i want to translate your this post into indonesia ,, do you give permission?

Appreciate the update @prc . You are doing so much good and helping so many people with DSound.

Excited to bring more awareness to the @dsound platform :)

Much love and respect

I am just a listener and would love a way to do searches or at least select from different genres.

  ·  2년 전

You can select a genre and it will get you a list of only that genre: just click on the #genre tag on any sound and it will do the trick! :) Search will come next...

Interesting postings and strong character mister I like to read this article

Great job. Looking forward to more. Keep up the good work.

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Another Great Platform

very nice platform its like a source of a good music

I am a Dsound User (who uploads) I'm looking for support to help my homeless friend in Las Vegas #VegasStrong We both live here. Thank You

Thanks for sharing this posting of great magnitude. This will help out tremendously.

UpVoted and followed. best regards:)


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good post friends

As I'm a najamsultan and need your support to grow on this platform :)
if you have some time, give a visit to my profile and show me some support :)
God Bless you.

great news man!... really curious about the new convention for sound generated links!, how can we publish the same track multiple times?, it was a little confusing, would be great to explain a bit more :)

I am always thinking about posting on dsound but I am always delaying....I have some ideas....I wanted to interview a very famous Portuguese person in a radio environment but it's being very difficult......let's see...all the best and success......cool that it's a project from a Portuguese guy.


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thank you for sharing our beautiful sharing @prc

I notice dsound loses the history of what you've previously uploaded. Why does this happen? Can you or someone else consider fixing this? For example, I would have expected this to at least show up under my dsound profile but nothing is there.


Notice there is nothing really connecting this upload to my profile. It's basically impossible to locate this unless you know the exact url of the upload.

This problem is amplified by the fact that there's no good way to search for an upload on dsound.

How is anyone suppose to find past uploads on dsound?

I also notice that that uploaded song can't even play either!