Suicide is not a solution (Better Tomorrow Mix)

2년 전

Suicide is not a solution. Everything will be better tomorrow.

I released this Song at December 2017 as LEO Elektron, after my son's suicide attempt.

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I have been so much fraustrated due to my engineering study, break-up of 4 year true love, economic crisis on family, jobless, even homeless also, but i have make my feelings strong and now-a-days i have make decidation towards living a quality life. Recently I am hardworking to earn money and gradually i am doing better. The most trajeic moment in my life was i am nearly going to suicide, but i have controlled myself and wipe out the tear and committed to stay alive. I thought that, if i use a little amount of willpower for commiting suicide to make me alive, can make me hero in my life. Yeah suicide wasn't the solution, now i am realising this bitter truth. Thanks god for giving me one chance to fight against the demon inside me.
True story based on my life.


Thanks for your story! The future is bright and beautiful. Love it, strive for it and work for it!


Welcome dude..

Nice article... great job


It's not an article. The content is music, uploaded to @dsound.