Painted White Line (Original song by Hans, Wild Christopher, Sam Prock)

2년 전

The song Chris sent me to listen and I found myself playing bass and few things, cos it’s magnetic :) Meain tune by Hans, lorycs and vocals by Wild Christopher.
► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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such a good song :)


Thanks from us all, bro! :)

Love those airy vocals from Chris! Crisp sounds and kool warm bass man! Nice 1! Mint! :D


We have to lure Chris to this platform ... or to the next one :) may be not, many ppl happily rocking on SC as last playlist shown hehe Cheers!


yeh man, SC still strong and this experiance is still way to complicated for some people, one day it will get easier and maybe SC will impliment a wallet and some easy transfers for those who will never be tech savy so they to can have a share as creative artists in this kewl crypto revolution! :D