Sound Legion - Lost In Silence - Qrittix Feat. Bonnie Legion (The DMT Song)

3년 전

The DMT Song
Netherlands producer Qrittix feat. California Singer Songwriter Shavon Bonnie Legion
"Lost In Silence" is a brand new original song releasing on Sound Legion.

This song is very powerful for me, it sat a while with just one verse and we had considered doing a duet track, after some recent communications with some very mind exploring individuals and going over the track with Qrittix we decided it needed to be completed as one, and I had to reach inside deeply to pull out the rest of what needed to be said in this piece. The track instrumental was a very personal piece from Qrittix after losing hearing in one of his ears for short time. Its weepingly emotional for me about my questions in life and what life is. The song is inspired by DMT. I have not taken DMT before but the experiences that people are having with DMT seem to resonate with me very deeply, a lot of these feelings, visuals thoughts people get after exploring EGo death on the drug are feelings I have had thoughout my life, sometimes in meditation but other times unknowingly and unexplanable.

I would like to thank those who shared there stories on Youtube, some of these stories hit me very profoundly and also aka LEO for his exploration Enlightenment work.

Lost in Silence
The DMT Song

I dont want to play no games,
i'm not trying to convince you of anything,
its everything, its all the same to me,

We been down this road, and we been told a lot of lies,
to make us misbelieve

Rushes of Kings and Queens,
what does history leave?
an open records of all our flaws, and all our cruel misdeeds

oh im not perfrect, but i got questions,
and I got a mind that cant pretend no more,
that there is nothing behind that door,

open the box, whats inside of me,
do I need to let go, of my ego, one dose of DMT,

I hear a millions songs,
that dance in the white light,
yet im still afraid that I'll be lost in silence,

hope holds no stones,
weightless underneath my bones,
hope holds no silence,
and theres a sound inside of me

I dont want to just pretend,
im not tryin to convince you of anything,
its everything, its nothing, its all the same to me,

everything we're told, everything is just design,
from some forgotten need,

Flooding religion and greed,
what society means, waking up with all these thoughts,
and all these useless needs,

oh im not crazy, and I got questions,
and I got a mind that cant pretend no more,
that there is something good behind this war,

open the lock, its inside of me, its okay to not know,
but I do know, one touch infinity,

I feel forever one in the sound of the white light,
and here they believe that we'll be lost in silence

past the sea,
the waters edge,
past your mind,
the egos dead....
we stand aware, we're everywhere,
we're everything... infinity, infinity, infinity

thats the sound inside of me

Thanks for listening
Be watching for video I will be putting up with some really cool DMT visuals on Dtube and also a full post about what I have learned so far about DMT.
Shavon Bonnie Legion

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This one hits you right in the heart. What is DMT? I look forward to your explaination post. Very interesting


I am also looking forward to it hehe

This one makes me really sad yet very hopeful at the same time.

Often, we comb through this platform, seeking something to touch us at the core. That song. That poem. That story. Seldom, however, do we find these things. And finally, when we do, we sit back and breathe and say, yes, this is art.

This gem brought me close to tears. Honestly. And I couldn't help myself, therefore, I listened thrice. Beautiful. Is all I can say. Beautiful when there is now a dearth is good art. Beautiful when many of us are asking, where are the songs to move one's heart? Today @soundlegion, I found one, and thus I can go to sleep knowing for us all, there is still hope.



all I can say my sentiments are very much the same for your comment. The gift of knowing that someone was truly listening is priceless to me. Then to be able to move them which is the intent of the song, I feel like I did my job in this world. huge love to you

well really heart touchibng to be hear and read .....i also wish for your great sccess and happy joyfull moment in your whole life @soundlegion
and also good to know that you respect the others feelings to read thier stories....
nice tobe listen sweet voice and best song and the music with the beautifull lyrics

What a strong voice, I'm sure she can much more. Thank you for the wonderful performance.

Great song lyrics there. Getting to know the truth and being straightforward is the assurance of a man's integrity.
Well done @soundlegion

I like this meaningful song too much! Especially this part;

oh im not perfrect, but i got questions,
and I got a mind that cant pretend no more,
that there is nothing behind that door,

Great work, congrats. Waiting for the next songs :)

I like it. It's very nice. To be continoue?

Weldone beautiful beat, awesome lyrics weldone @soundlegion, i m a singer too, and that's what i do on my blog, i ll be most grateful if you come visit my blog... if you want

Wow, I love DMT and your cover art and song really capture the feeling of d. Really good I enjoyed it alot

A very nice music, the style and the lyrics is very touchy. wish you all the best.

Nice sound with great music you always rock dude keep it up

Silence and smile are two powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems and silence is the way to avoid many problems. Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful and amazing song. Lost in silence.. blessings to you man @soundlegion

Very heart touching. This one made me sad but its lyrics are very meaningful and deep. I loved it. Great work done buddy. I appreciate it.

This track is awesome. Love the great production, your voice and deep lyrics. Absolutely excellent!

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

Thank you for sharing. I love this song. Also, Lyrics are very meaningful.

before I had never known this song, but after I see the lyrics are very easy to remember

very strong, impressive and heart touching poetry

I like the title "lost in silence"
I like the artist name "soundlegion"
Its what attracted me to this post. Nice one!

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post a very good

wow very nice music

This song is kinda so touching. Am thrilled:) Though God can make away where seems to be no way!

Приятная музыка)))) Расслабляет)

nice work i follow you please follow me back and check my work

Bonnie has a wonderful voice and the lyrics were strong and original. The music complemented everything seamlessly but with delight. This really is a wonderful post and most deserving of attention. Bravo.

Beautiful lyrics, voices and piano. Love it!