Monday Morning

2년 전

On some Monday mornings you just have to work but it's like there's absolute chaos around you and the media reports about it as if everything is normal and everything goes its regular way.

Also available to stream on Soundcloud and Choon.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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That tune is really nice and synthy omg love it! 80s renaissance is here! You transported the feeling of the chaotic and doomed world we are living really good. Could be a track of a 80s armageddon movie. Nice nice niiiice!


Thanks a lot for your exuberant praise, this motivates me to go on and release new tracks.


Do it for sure!! I love the tunes :) I would like to make a video for one of your tracks some day man

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That will also be the goal to make a video to one of my tracks, but only a few more songs to be able to deliver a demo.