Summer Night

2년 전

A song for the warm summer nights where you can enjoy the time with friends or your loved ones at the lake, in the nature, in the park or on the balcony or terrace.

You can also listen to this song on SoundCloud or Choon.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Dear @spite77
This song has really got some old school theme...
It reminds me of pop songs like "Ace of Base" (which was my favorite band too!).
As the name says, Summer Nights... I think it's one those nights that no one is going to sleep!
While it has a fast beat, it's calming at the same time... like calibrating my heart beat...
I also loved your cover photo!
Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of art!


I am very happy that you like my song and that it also inspires you to dream. This feeling that you describe I wanted to convey and apparently I succeeded at least with you.

Is it you that sang the song, Sorry for the ignorance...I was having no plan to watch this music but since it is in steemit and one of my motto is to encourage such creativity I want to go through this.

Apart from this your introduction that this can be enjoyed in lakes, nature etc made me more interest in it.

Thank you ... Cheers


Thank you for your nice message and I am happy that I was able to inspire you and that you like it. Yes I have written and arranged this piece of music and I find it very supportive of you that you don't want to support the plagiarism and the people who just take something from the internet and pass it off as theirs or want attention with it.


You said it correctly and thanks for response. It is good to meet people from far away places in this platform with everyone having expert in different fields. Moreover this is a stage where creative people can present their stuff with confidence and one they are lucky they would much more inspiration, support and motivation than they could imagine for.

Happy to meet you here and it was nice to hear for sure. Have a great day and cheers


Thank you. I see exactly for this the possibilities of the Internet and not for fomenting displeasure and envy. It should be a place for all people in this world who can exchange their creativity and inspirations and thus give something to other people and inspire them. The same applies of course to knowledge and science.
Thank you for your upvote.

Hi spite77,

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Thank you so much, how do I come to this honor?