Chasing Light

2년 전

This is from "Chasing Light"

Lyrics -

I used to consider myself a bit of a creature of the night
The darkness seemed a safer place to hide away
I avoided the dawn for years, even though I knew it wasn’t right
It’s hard to let go of the comfort of familiar pain

I’m chasing, I’m chasing the light
I’m chasing, I’m facing the light

It’s time to step out of the shade and let the sun stroke my face
I’m not sure if I’m ready but I’m holding on to this bravery
I’m wanting to fold but I’m managing to stand upright
I’m not giving in to the calls and advances from the moon tonight

I’m chasing, I’m chasing the light
I’m chasing, I’m facing the light
I’m chasing, I’m chasing the light
I’m chasing, embracing the light

If you are a musician who has been hiding under a rock and not heard of
Go check it out, the future looks bright with this one

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I Love the melody on this mate right from the off . Top Songwriting too . Sorry for not being around much Bud :)


cheers bud, its ok , you is a busy man :)

Tight song mate, very well done.


thanks mate :)

Always a pleasure to hear this one again, as Degs says, great melody :-)


hey hey , welcome back oh green one , cheers buddy :)

I'm chasing the good vibes, and I found yours mate :) sounds awesome!


thanks adam :)))

Crisp beats and deep warm bassline! Clean kewl chilled space! Top vocs and vibes man! Mint! :)


cheers mate :)

This is such a cool track, enjoy it every time.


thanks mate glad to hear it :)

Another legendary Turtle Man song. Nice positive vibes and glad you are chasing the light, it's far better than the dark I can tell you :)


cheers doc, yeah it certainly is , trouble is its faster too and a lot harder to catch :)


Whilst we're at it, a lot harder to KEEP as well! But well worth chasing after to keep away from the darkness that's for sure :)


yeah mate , at least we know we're running the right way :)



Still love this one, think I relate to some of the lyrics here in a much more direct way than the metaphors that were intended, have to work hard to hold on, to whatever the light is to you (to me it really is daylight lol), don't want to to slip back into a nocturnal existence.

edit: bloody ENTER key getting in the way of SHIFT! =P


yeah , it kinda means that too along side the metaphor , i did used to stay up all night and sleep all day for many years, much better the other way round now :)

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