Original Music Monday "The Strangest Thing"

2년 전

Track #13 off my yet to be titled 80's inspired instrumental album!

This song was something I made after watching the 1st season of Stranger Things.
I actually have a whole album that was inspired by that show [of which this song isn't a part of] that I am thinking of dropping when Season 3 drops on July 4th.

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@yamaagni I got to admit the beginning of the song is really strange! But then It kinda give me a cyberpunk theme feeling but as the song keep going, it takes back the strange theme. It's like a scavenging adventure... that background sound really makes it a mysterious one! I haven't seen the TV Series yet... Maybe head for that!

(By the way, I just published my next post, I'll appreciate it if you spend some time on reading it)


Thank you, you should definitely check the show out!

I’m so sorry by not being here before my dear friend, you know how short of free time I am normally.
I like your growing album and this one is so clean but there’s no doubt is you, cool cool stuff @yamaagni.
Don’t forget @drakernoise loves you 😉


Ah, nice to see you back on here!
Thank you :)

Hi yamaagni,

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Wowwww it's been ages since I saw a post of mine do this well; thank you so much!!!

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Wooh I like the track, it actually matches the theme of stranger things. I could imagine another dimension below me listening the tunes hehe. Eagerly waiting for 4th of July, woot woot.

Hello my stranger things fan friend :)


Haha thank you. :)
I too can't wait for July 4th!

I love Stranger Things too. Can't wait for season 3 to come out. They don't make shows and films like that anymore. The producers really captured the feel of an 80's thriller. Mature, terrifying, but still innocent.

Your musical homage is just excellent. You captured both the dark mood but overlayed the bright synth to perfection.

Super excellent work.


I agree; I was absolutely blown away by how well put together the 1st [and 2nd] season of Stranger Things was.
Thank you for your kind words about my song :)