GROW: Original song, videoclip, anecdotes, art, photoshoot (ITALENT ROUND 7)

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Even the tallest tree started as a seed. Save Green in your heart. This song is a rendition to the Light and the Green that Spring and Summer brings. It's a song about Growth in Nature and of our Spirits... of our dreams... It's about waiting for the right time to unfold our leaves. It's a song about life constantly unfurling.
It's an ode to life but also to change and transformation. A way to become better, stronger, to endure


You cannot feel small once you start to wonder, all those trees so tall were once tiny seeds that stood against the strongest wind and kept thriving shade or sheen.

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This blog post is also an entry to the multidisciplinary music/art challenge I-TALENT ROUND 7 hosted by @ivan.atman and sponsored by @gtg
Thank you very much for hosting the contest and hope you like my entry for this round.

Growth is a shift within

GROW: The music video

Click above to watch the music video filmed by me and my partner @hedac while we hiked all throughout different forests of Navarra (North of Spain), mostly beech woods during late Spring and Summer last Year. Single was released officially early fall 2017. I love nature and forestbathing for me it is such a healing ritual. We both love to hike and this is also a collaboration in which we both show our love for Nature as he helped me behind the camera to film this video and take these photos I'm sharing with you.

Priscilla Hernandez grow forest - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Above: One with Nature... photography taking while filming the videoclip

I played all the instruments, piano, Synths , harp, winds, lead and backing vocals. Héctor helped me adding some subtle percussion, mixing and mastering.

This single was published as a stand-alone and doesn't not belong to any of my published albums. It will be included in my forthcoming project Fear no More (that will be an illustrated soundtrack) but until then it's available as digital release from Bandcamp. So please consider to purchase the download to support.

Fear no More will be an illustrated music book featuring my art and music, same way my two previous album have featured also my artworks as illustrator.


Priscilla Hernandez grow forest - by Priscilla Hernandez (

I spread my arms
to hail the sun
I feel its call
to reach out to the light
Then timeless songs
shape in my mouth
and spiral on...
as days turn long and bright
All in endless flow
waking from slumber
It´s a subtle glow
It´s a shift within
A rustling voice that seems to speak
it´s like magic sinking in
it drinks from rain unwinding leaves
Now it´s time to grow all green
The road less walked
will be my own
now that I´m sure
it leads me back to you
A door unlocked
into the unknown
and I became yours
I'm moss, I'm bark, I'm roots
But you can´t feel small
once you come to wonder
all those trees so tall
were once tiny seeds
that stood against the strongest winds
kept thriving shade or sheen
to grow all green
to grow all green
so just wait and let it grow
so just give it time to heal
As season flows
once more it all
turns bare and cold
but green
in your heart

A custom dryad dress made by one of my listeners

It was such an honour when Zoe from the Clothing brand Zollection offered herself to make me a custom gown in my favourite colours... she let me pick my favourite colours and I like to draw wispy rags. The dress was stretchy and so comfortable to wear that it became my "hiking" uniform last Spring and Summer when this videoclip was filmed. I roamed through different forests and locations all over Navarra on different days and different locations.

Grow green - by priscilla Hernandez (

Here another behind the scenes wearing the gown... It was made to mimic the forest colours... moss greens, bark browns.

dryad dress - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Suuri Tammi the Oak, Kokeneli the isopod and Hirvi the Deer


Above: My little baby oak tree "Suuri Tammi" (It means big Oak) born from an acorn from a famous dying oak named"Kisulabe" by locals

There is a giant old dying oak in my region. It is a famous and singular tree the local people call Kisulabe though it's slowly dying it's lair to small animals... Some years ago I picked an acorn and I planted it. Soon there was a seedling and I got a big pot for it... The little oak tree was called Suuri Tammmi (which means big Oak in Finn, yes, I tend to name my pets with Finnish names). Then there it was... the cutest roly poly ever... She grew with the oak tree for over three years, and I'll cover both of them with pictures in another post... but Kokeneli (name of the cute terrestrial crustacean) and she was featured in this videoclip and enlarged digitally to be the size of a small dog. :). She lived for three years and died barely days after releasing the video. I'm glad that something so "small" was loved as it had a prominent part in the song. Woodlice are isopods, terrestrial crustaceans, and they do have a role in decomposing organic matter and helping the soil. Do you remember Miyazaki's Nausicaa? In that movie, some creatures called "Ohm" that look like isopods are in fact cleaning the Earth from toxic poison.
So here is my little "guardian of the forest"


I always say small and tiny things are not devoid of meaning something really big. So this one in your memory.

Grow-2 - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

But there is another magical moment in this video featuring another guardian of the forest my friend Hirvi a stag @hedac and I usually visit and feed. So there is a point in the video where there is a stag... It's just brief but he's there... did you find it? It's kind of an Easter egg

Grow 1 - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

Here a close up of Hirvi, in a picture taken by @hedac

Isn't he majestic? He will be featured in a forthcoming video too more prominently. It will be a song about a wild and innocent spirit.

By the way, thanks @pechichemena for naming the bots in @helpie after them. So Kokeneli gives cookies and Hirvi plays the music in the group :). That is sweet :)

Drawing GROW logo

grow yidneth - by priscilla Hernandez (

My partner @hedac gifted me a monitor tablet and this was one of the first things I made with it. I made the basic sketch on paper, scan it and the rest was painting it on the computer. Of vourse the basic idea was the seed growing, thriving, becoming taller and stranger and it was based on that acorn and my little Oak Suuri Tammi. So I drew the O like a seedling emerging.

Grow drawing - by Priscilla Hernandez (

The final result was this.... I want to do some apparel like mugs and t-shirts with it because I think the meaning is beautiful... and it trascends my own song... at least for me.

grow yidneth - by priscilla Hernandez (

So when the time is right...

Remember there will be hard times, cold winters... but if you wait for the right time to grow... if you thrive, if you face the strongest winds... live and reach for the light... Save green in your heart and when the time is right... GROW

Growth is endurance

Some other pictures that were taken during the filming of the song. Some of the scenes were not included in the final edit, so here also some behind the scenes


The Seasons Project

Grow is part of a "Seasons" project. My most popular song is "I steal the leaves" (Autumn) and I made also "The waking of Spring"(Spring) and "Northern Lights" (Winter), so this is "Grow" inspired by the green hues of the Summer Forest.


Listen to other songs in "Seasons"

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If you want to support me you can buy this digital single from my store.

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

More about me:

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AHHHHHHHHHHHsome!!! I am incredibly moved by your expression @yidneth. I had no idea what I was getting into when I opened this post and now I am floored with my jaw hanging open with no words to express how amazing this all is. EVERything about this creation is simply astounding. Every detail of every facet just blows my mind. I love how you express yourself and that you have others in your life that are skilled and in support of your journey.

I am super stoked to find you here on Steemit and to wrap myself up with this beauty so potent. Though I am really too late to upvote this post, I am definitely following you. I am genuinely grateful to have found you. Blessing on the way.


Aww, thanks for the lovely encouraging feedback, curiously just got home, I went to see and feed Hirvi 🦌 the deer and he had a baby. 💚 Such majectic being. Thanks for your lovely comment and for following. I really hope you find the rest of the feed worth, trying my best. I will check as well, off to bed now with a smile, thanks .


I grew up in the mountains of Colorado so am always thrilled to see the potency of nature. Majestic really touches the magnificence of Hirvi. I am surrounded by kittens, puppies and chickies right now--butterflies, dragonflies, huge bumble bees and lightening bugs. Enjoying the greater depths of nature through your video. Thank you for that!

I too would wear a flowing hand-made gown like that out in the woods. It looks so natural and right up my alley of inspiration as well. Thanks for all the beauty. I will be back for another visit.


Thanks very much for coming back with another lovely comment. Yes Mother Nature is humbling and so beautiful. Right now my local grove I see through my window is on fire (hirvi is not there though) and my heart is breaking a little. Yes it was such a sweet surprise yesterday, to see the baby... I will share pictures soon. I go to nature as much as possible, forestbathing does heal.


Are you meaning a literal fire? I have seen and been in/near the woods ablaze. So potent in heartbreaking reality. Being around all that ancient wisdom through the forest indeed does ignite deep soulful healing. Glad you have the opportunity to be so close to it.

I have been scrolling through this explosion of joy for 15 minutes now, and honestly I do not know where to start. It's an explosion of creativity, combining incredible photography, video, singing - and that song really is just amazing, graphic design of that incredible Grow logo...a post that keeps on giving every single scroll down the page.

My absolute favourite, it's hard to pick but I really like the Woodlouse close up, and then that gif with you next to the big woodlouse - stunning.

An amazing, fascinating, rewarding journey - throughly enjoyed this and it is a piece of incredible work that deserves to be enjoyed, and loved by many.

#thealliance #witness


Thank you so much for such lovely and encouraging review. There is a lot if lov in this post, for "small" things and beings too.

I saw this one few weeks ago.. I think that video was the one i liked the most. What can i say.. Youre the trailblazer for all us musicians here on Steem. :)


My dear violin master songbird, you are sweet, blush!. You are rocking Steem yourself 🎻. I took the chance to explain about Kokeneli and Hirvi, besides naming helpie bots lol they are the stars here. By the way I have filmed more Hirvi scenes for a new one. Next week I share a new video.

I just love everything about your posts.

even the color scheme is bursting with life!!!!! always!

love you @yidneth <3


Aww you are so sweet, thanks so much. I shift with the forest seasons.
My colours too
Now I grow green

Novi Dizajn (Master).png
Thank YOu iTalent.png
ITALLINE 180.png

i love your music and lyrics and voice and photos and art and everything about you, so much it makes my teeth hurt because you seem too perfect and sweet, which makes me want to hate you if that makes sense. you are a rare flower in a field of scurrilous weeds, thriving despite.


Please do not hate me lol www it sounds like I almost gave you tooth cavities though. Far from perfect I am perfectly flawed lol.
I really am grateful of the encouragement and the compliment. Well the song is about thriving after all. I try my best and love to share it..🐁


i not hate anyone, not truly. i also try my best to love and share this, ah but for some reason people doubt my intentions and so I still have haters... this hurts. i will withdraw into my own skin and still my tongue rather than feel the bite of people who wish to suppress my spirit. this is for you...


For me, thanks. Thistles, thorny and strange yet beautiful flowers.bI happen to love them and fat bumblebees tend to agree. Beautiful pic and little bug fellow.
We got just one life to be anyone else but ourselves.
Once more thanks for the compliment
And the flower
And the bug, after this post you may understand I I appreciate the cute anthropod


I knew you would ;)

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sad that your baby died but at least you have the video to remember her by <3


She lived a long bug life... But curious how she became so loved... Such cute small thing. Glad she is there, to aknowledge she was that curious little being.


oh wow sooo amazin... :)


Aw thank you, really glad you like it

This is incredible yidneth


Thank you for watching, your music is beautiful too :) blessigns!

Ooh yeah! Quede con la boca abierta y sin palabras jajajaj. El vídeo me engancho completamente, expresa demasiados sentimientos, me hizo venir muchos recuerdos al mismo tiempo mientras lo veía y escucha ese fondo tan acertado para el contexto. Sin palabras. Un fuerte abrazo.

Ah muchísimas gracias. El fondo son los bosques que tengo el privilegio de tener cerca. Mi hogar y mi medicina. Gracias por el bello cumplido.

Beautiful & overstanding
Mother Earth
Livication ;)

This is just outstanding @yidneth my absolute favorite so far from you :)

Beautiful, magical song with so much creativity in this video! I'm seriously in love with all of the outfits that you wear in your videos, too. I love all of the work that you do with your passionate, sweet soul. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!

@c0ff33a drew me here from PYPT and I'm glad he did. I'm in awe of all of this. @reactionaries you need to get in here and see this. It's right up your alley.


Thanks for the compliment and for letting me know so I could thank him 🎼

Perfect... everything is just... perfect! Superb!
Sorry, I’m speechless and redundant :D

Absolutely beautiful as ever Pris!
I love your illustrations, outfits and music! You're an extraordinarily talented lady and I adore you!!!


Aw Darren thanks, and also for the lovely live performance at the needle. Those forests in the video are our healing therapy on weekends. My fairyland. Hugs, loooove back

So much talent in one lady!! I could Imagine that if you are in one of your forest walks wearing those dresses and a stranger stumbles on you they will really think that you are a fairy especially when you start to sing!

So those bugs came from you hahahha I was wondering how they ended up in the server.

I just love listening to your voice!

I hope you win the contest!

This comment was made from


Last sunday I was bathing in the creek wearing deer antlers and two hikers came, was kind of lol. Haha yes check Helpie bots names... Lol. Or try emojis in mine LOL. An isopod starlet, Koneneli loool
Thank you

Pretty pretty pretty... I do not know what else to say to you darling, pretty and so amazing, everything, absolutely everything 💚


Awww thank you. These are my local forests, but the song is metaohor about other ways to grow too. For me the video is special because Kokeneli is in it and I fancy that a bug so small got the spotlight, she was the guardianof the little oak for three years. And my dear friend Hirvi the stag who will appear more in a forthcoming video. Thanks for the encouragement, Petra

Wow.. you are so great, i like this music


Thank you 🎼

Es impresiontante. Todo tu post es una belleza, las fotografías, la edición, la historia y tu música, todo es bello. Este post es una delicia para los sentidos, gracias por compartirlo. Felicitaciones y éxitos.


Muchísimas gracias por escuchar, ver y leer y pir hacerme saber que te gustó. Es uno personalmente especial para mí.

Altogether. :)
A major post and the video / music / photos are breathtaking.
I'll be following.
Good luck!


Aw glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the compliment !!!

You are so amazing, so multi-talented. I just love everything you do :)

really beautiful song, I heard this one on radio yidneth, also beautiful Photos!! great production! :D
and that was a real great video production! awesome! :))


@surpassinggoogle @davidfar is the second singer i was talking about.

wow this is amazing and your so talented

So much gorgeousness in one place Pris! I love it all. The song, so beautiful, the video enchanting with the scenery and your gown and the filming... love kokinelli and hirvi, how cool is it that hirvi is cool with you two. Its all so majestic and lovely.
Much love ♡♡♡♡


Amazing voice as always! Love that grow drawing as well!


Thank you Crystal, you never fail to motivate me :)

what a beautiful place, like a little piece of heaven right here on earth.

The photography, film work, music and lyrics are all amazing. True talent. Thank you for sharing this on the steem block. we are so lucky to have this caliber of work here.


They are different beechwoods around my area. The deer appearing in the video has become more confident and hope to share one with closer stills. He had a baby fawn some weeks ago.
Aww thanks for the lovely encouragement. I am aware art and music is always subjective to tastes but I do try my best.
Thank you. ♥️♥️♥️

Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Yoy are taking us in magical world of love, serenity and oneness with nature. Keep spreading positivity :-)


Thanks for such beautiful comment... Nature is home... and I'm glad to share the blessings of the one I have hand with you all. Thanks!

I was missing it , I was clearly missing it, I was missing your voice,
I just heard this song and i want to hear it again, going to do it after posting comment.


I am really happy you like the song... this one is just a quiet lullaby... my love for Nature and the forests that heal me... a moment of peace, happy to share.


@yidneth can you please join us on discord talk show? please pleasae

I loved your post @yidneth. I'm truly passionate about music to.


Music is always healing to the spirit... we all carry it, sometimes it finds its ways, singing or listening. Each music has a moment, each moment has its music.

This is cool. You are cool


aw thanks very much for the compliment :)

Always amazing content :-) A+

Wow @yidneth I loved the song and everything is so original
#steemgigs talks

You were chosen for my 🎧 DSound TOP5! 🎧 on Sunday - Thank You!

Your posts are always such an overload of beauty, nature, lovely art, haunting music, and fantasic photography that I am usually left almost speechless. Bravo to you and @hedac! You, dear lady, leave everyone with such a fullness of heart, and your loving and gentle spirit are definitely true blessings of our blockchain! ❤️


Aww thanks so much, and I'll make sure he sees your compliment I'm trying to make him share more :). Thanks for the lovely compliment and for stopping by to listen and see and feel. Nature is amazing and this is the little green I have close to me for you all. I confess this is special to me also due to my guest startlest Hirvi the deer and Kokeneli the rolypoly hahah :) big hugs!

Good to hear you present this post on discord show. Very long though, but I love it.


Thank you :) Well you can watch/listen the videoclip which is the heart of the post , read the rest if you remain curious


Sure I will.

Excellent! Extremely talented in more ways than just one!

This comment was made from

Beautiful post as usually, thanks for sharing and like I mentioned I love your dress!


Thank you, it was a custom made gift This is the designer she was so kind, a treasure for me.

You're amazing, @yidneth. One of the things I love so much about you and your art is the way you remind me of how much I love nature. It's like I'm forestbathing with you. I agree with you, the forest is one of the most healing places for me—always has been. Thank you for sharing your song and soul here, sweet sister! 💖

I love. Congratulations men, right process. There is still an extended way to head, I have seen the films of the cup and that I appear very thrilling and humorous

Beautiful post , thank u👍👍👍👏👏👏👏