[Excited] How dStors will bring the Steem Community even closer together! P2P trade of goods, services and travels.

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#dStors will leverage the DPOS power of steem to distribute the reward pool in the most meaningful way possible - aiming to impact how individuals and families conduct their business online and in-person in the blockchain era of e-commerce.
It is time for us to take steem and sbd beyond steemit.com (taken from @kaliju's article)

Friends, I am so excited!

Some time ago, I had a chat with @kaliju about the @dstors project (Decentralized Stores build on the Steem Blockchain) Then I was asked to join the founding team. From the first minute I felt "YES, this is it!" It felt like this project was there all the time, always there already, waiting, deep in my heart.

@kaliju, @julianmnst, @derangedvisions, @ravijojla, @thedarkhorse, @crazybgadventure, @themonkeyzuelans, and countless others - we all work together very passionate to bring this project to life. I was welcomed with open arms! Happy!

Please read on ...

this will get very exciting ...

Read about what amazing features dStors has to offer and why dStors Travel will bring us even closer together. No matter where you live. Meet like-minded people, engage in projects, enjoy communities all over the world.

What project? dStors!


dStors Travel? Please read on ...


Can you see the joy on the horizon?

Imagine the future of decentralized trade is here! The best thing is, you don't have to imagine it any longer! The future is now present, it is

here ...

Sell and buy, auctions and giveaways, rent rooms, travel and meet like-minded people from all over the world, support amazing local community projects.

I would love to tell you more about this wonderful project here and all the details like selling of all sorts of goods, artwork and handmade items. Auctions of goods and collectibles. And how to give some of your no longer needed possessions to others who would love to use them and really need them!

Read more about the cool @dstors rewards plan and how to establish multiple income streams for you and your family! Accept payments and pay with the crypto-currency of your personal choice with STEEM and SBD leading the way! Accept fiat-currency and get rewarded with crypto!

It is really easy to list your goods, services, giveaways, BnB room!

No censorship and no one can prevent you from selling or buying ...

Less than a minute and you are ready to sell ...






Do you love to travel the world?

Travel with dStors!

Here is dStors's Airbnb-style Travel Solution!


Decentralized Tavel Solutions @dstors

By Anyone For Anyone, Book a Home Anywhere!

Secure and Transparent

  • An open and secure accommodation marketplace
  • Anyone can offer accommodation
  • Anyone can book accommodation
  • No fake reviews
  • Publish your travel experiences on STEEM
  • Publish a #Ulog telling about your amazing experience
  • Connect and engage with STEEM-Accommodation-Hosts
  • Immediate settlement of funds
  • Meet like-minded hosts! Learn from others, grow together with others.
  • Live like a local, enjoy communities, support communities, engage in local community projects
  • Control your travel budget, no fancy unexpected extras
  • Transparency and Security

@dstors accommodation listings will have special features including tailored to detail options for the needs of travelers and hosts alike. We are working hard to offer BnB Options and much more shortly. For further details, please refer to the dStors Roadmap!


And then ...

We created many more amazing features and specials you will love!

Some are ...

  • The offer of excursions and similar discovery options offered by the accommodation-hosts
  • Future Steemfest & Festival -> Special Accommodation Feature!
  • Blockchain Conference -> Special Accommodation Feature!
  • Book a room with dStors, visit and support selected STEEM (Charity) Projects and Community Projects -> Special Accommodation Feature


And much more to come ...


STEEM Travellers are also Journalists:

  • Publish an article/report (criteria to be defined) about your experience on host and accommodation on STEEM!
    -> collect dStors Travel Rewards

  • Engage in local community charity projects while staying at accommodation provided by one of our hosts and publish an article/report (criteria to be defined) about the project you supported on STEEM!
    -> collect dStors Travel Rewards

  • Promote STEEM locally, realize your creative idea to explain how passionate you are about STEEM (together with your host or alone) while staying at an accommodation booked through dStors and publish an article/report (criteria to be defined) on STEEM!
    -> collect dStors Travel Rewards

Travel around the globe with dStors - meet like-minded people, stay with like-minded people - passionate about crypto! Pay and get paid through all options dStors has to offer! And there is plenty to chose from:

Accept and pay with the crypto-currency of your personal choice with STEEM and SBD leading the way! Accept Fiat Currency and get rewarded with crypto. Apply the rewards to offer lower prices to your future guests. Help other Steemians to experience the world of STEEM globally!


Please visit the dStors discord server: https://discord.gg/FtdA9fZ

Please feel free to tag me at anutu#0375 or drop me a DM if you'd like to talk to me about dStores Travel!

Here you can read more about my professional background and my passion to travel the world!


Learn more about this amazing project and all the details like selling of all sorts of goods, artwork and handmade items. Auctions of goods and collectibles. And how to give some of your no longer needed possessions to others who would love to use them and really need them.

Read more about the cool @dstors rewards plan and how to establish multiple income streams for you and your family!


Read some comments ...

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Taken From @kaliju's detailed article - please read more here!

If you would like to show your support and help us kick-off a global blockchain ecommerce revolution to really put steem on the map and attract a completely new type of crowd to our blockchain, then consider becoming an early investor to fund this project with delegations to @dStors via SteemConnect:
100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 1,000 SP | 5,000 SP | 50,000 SP | 1,000,000 SP
Please visit dStors discord server: https://discord.gg/FtdA9fZ and tag me at kaliju#9824 (or steemchat) if you'd like to talk to me about investing, collaborations and partnerships.

For those attending #SteemFest - @derangedvisions will be there talking about the project and he's got some limited edition goodies to give away featuring our handsome dStors Raccoon (designed by our talented @themonkeyzuelans), so make sure you talk to him about @dStors!

Enjoy life, my friends,
wherever you are, have a pleasant Sunday!

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dStores looks very amazing!! so excited about this, I joined Discord channel to get notified when the project becomes public... if it turned out good enough I might move my Steemit shop @ahmadgameslist to dStore.


Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

this looks so exciting!!!! :) Im so thrilled that you've been invited to this team!!! They are blessed to have you and @ravijojla on the team and @crazybgadventure!!! I'm sure that you will bring energy ad excitement and creativity to this idea!!! Wonderful news and brilliant post!!! :)


It's such an amazing project and the team is just awesome and so experienced! It' a huge pleasure to work for the community this way. Thank you so much @dreemsteem <3

in theory it sounds totally awesome and revolutionary. In action though the problems come out of nowhere and not everything is as good as it sounds. How you tried it anywhere? not specifically the travel thing i get that this can be way harder to achieved and implemented but the online stores or anything else


For sure. There is no development of any project without challenges. And I agree that it is not that easy to implement the room booking concept, thus we will keep everything as pragmatic as possible to what is needed. I am very very confident that we will achieve what we have planned and we are already working on it very hard. All I can do is to contribute all my professional experience of more than 26 years and work as hard as possible. I am absolutely positive, our team is just awesome!


I am absolutely positive, our team is just awesome!

This gives me great hopes!

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Maybe I am too excited ... haha ... Thank's a lot @checky, good you are there!!!!

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