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The testimonials from the first iteration of this idea still stand ;)

read what people have thought of this project in its infancy:

Best thing I've seen so far in relation to the STEEM chain and what can be done with it.


Agree 100%!!

awesome project.. delegated 500 sp to support it.. thx


You are awesome. It is much appreciated.

Crazy shit.... cant wait till day 1 with this nice trading page

Good idea! Love to see that the steem blockchain are evolving 😀
Looking forward to this 😉

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Extremely excited!!!

We are excited to be launching it very soon. This is going to be revolutionary for the Steem blockchain.

Absolutely convinced of this! Agree 100%!

Ohhh NICE! I've been waiting for something like this! Glad I'll be able to chat about this at SteemFest :D

Nice! See you at Steemfest!

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Great project.

This looks really good.. I'm looking forward to this site

OK I see a lot of potential here, but this overview brings to mind many questions... Everyone these days is looking for ROI and I am wondering if there is any thru DELI. But I see great potential for sellers and buyers.

Small e-packet items from China are dirt cheap to send, apparently. Not sure about other parts of the world, but I shipped several 1 oz silver rounds and top charge was $15 but most of that was for customs on valuable items, precious metals. Craft and clothing type items should have lower tax and customs and therefore shipping, provided the weight is not excessive.

It looks like another great project without support from the top.

This is an absolute game changer! It seems like I reading new developments everyday that’s better than the next!

Thanks for building dstor! I’m sure you’ll get some delegation at steemfest!

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Holy shit, this sounds amazing :)

Global shipping can get very expensive - but this likes an incredible initiative - artists and craftspeople will be able to sell their work to other steemians, and further to that; it adds huge utility to the Steem Blockchain.

It is truly becoming a decentralised Internet platform, as opposed to just a blogging chain!

Omfg this is awesome! Been waiting for something like this

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This is class! Best of luck . Can’t wait to start using it

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This is an amazing project can't wait to see it up and running!

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The possibility of gaining some "flower power" via this store is very intriguing.
How will that issue be addressed for us residing in areas where "flower power" usage is frowned upon?

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All parties involved will still need to follow their local laws.

Been wanting something like this for so long

It sounds very cool. Have to dig more on it, definetely.

Steem on!


Hm, just one question. Why need decentralized? I mean, its pretty good, if i want to sell drugs or guns or fake identities, but for shoes or phones, you know... too much effort.
No offense, no sarcasm, im really curious.


First off, this project isnt set up as a place for people to sell illegal items like Silk Road or anything. Everything that is posted is on the blockchain and is public, so it would be pretty stupid in my opinion to try and do anything illegal like that.

It really isnt that much effort for someone to post shoes or other items for sale either. The items in the picture were just to give ideas on what can be sold, which is basically anything you want to. Our goal is to empower the seller and give them the ability to be the owner of their own store on the blockchain. That is not possible in all areas of the world prior to a decentralized shop system like this. There are many hoops and fees associated with operating stores on sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and similar sites. With dStors, none of that.


Thanks for your answer!
I dont want to sell any illegal, so my question was actually simple curiosity :) Btw if you think about it, the most of the criminals arent so smart :D

So not the decentralization the big thing, but the fee-less operating is. And the fee-less thing, right now, the steem blockchain. Good idea, imho.


Good point.

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@exyle have you seen this? Looks awesome

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This is really cool! I miss “the Steemit Shop” from a long time ago.

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Hey, @derangedvisions.

This idea is not a deranged vision at all, but an idea whose time has come. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works. Not sure what I have yet to sell, but I still like the idea. What about digital downloads, say for ebooks or software? Is that a part of this? I hope I didn't miss that option in your post here.

Good luck with Steemfest. I hope it goes well with you there with the round table and that it results in many positive things for you and your business.


You can sell whatever you want in your store. It is yours. That is the beauty of this. Here is another more in depth post about the whole project from the main creator @kaliju:

Sounds like an awesome things for the Steem blockchain. Love seeing these new developments and I would love to be able to try it out.

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Really looking forward to seeing this up and running. Love the idea for using upvotes to defray shipping costs!


Nice work, @derangedvisions! How you find the time to do allllll the things is entirely beyond me. Color me impressed.



I don't know half the time. I have an awesome wife though that supports all these crazy ideas.

This is a truly wonderful idea! Wishing you all the best and I can't wait to begin shopping!

We know Steemit is a blogging platform and social media. Now dStors is opening a new direction. Now there is an opportunity to be an entrepreneur. I think this is a great initiative! Wish you all the best!

It was written, in the booook of steem

How will you insure shipping?

Hello, I love the idea! But your discord link expired! Could you share a new one?


Darn I am too late again or invalid invite :(

that's a good find! I was recently wondering - when someone would make any such - and there it is! thanks for sharing.

now, this what I've been talking about - that STEEM coint price boost could be achieved though such usage in real life. (apart from trading it on exchanges)

although have to see how it's gonna be practically successful. because there are already quite a few decentralized stores blockchain based - and so far not much trade is going on there.

well, might as well try these Dstors - why not? :)

perhaps the main issue is : how and where the goods listed there are gonna be promoted, would platform itself assist user in SEO or each person would have to do it himself?