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While we're working hard to deliver the newest experience for steemians with dStors - we now need your quality feedback like never before. We have created a survey that will allow us to better understand your needs and integrate features to make work for YOU!

You will automatically be entered into our SteemMonsters Monster Raffle where we'll be giving out rare ALPHA never know what their value is until you open them!

This is really important for all of us, so please take your time everyone and give us your most direct answers to the questions contained in the survey. Thank you!

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We'd like to thank all of our current supporters for believing in steem as the best blockchain to build apps on top of and for supporting the world's first dCommerce shopping channel on STEEM!

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Up before 🌄 (here) @dStors and got to the end of the first page of your requested survey, when blocked from either posting or continuing. Why? Due to the required field linked to the request for an email address ...

It is has always been my consistent practice to preserve my privacy / identity "in here" and I, therefore, closed the form. I will not be providing that information, as it is that important to me (yes, I could take the time to make up some bogus email somewhere, but that lacks integrity ...).

So ... Thought you might want to know that, in the event some of these requested fields can be made optional vs. mandatory. My time invested was for naught ...

Thanks for your consideration, but please do not take this as any pressure. Do what you think is right. And I will do the same. You will not be successful (as I'm sure you are already well aware ...) keeping 100% of "the people" happy 100% of the time. I don't expect that. All other reasonable Steemians, whose support you need, likely won't either.


I use a lot when this happens. It passes most parsers and rather gets the message across.


Appreciate your feedback as it'll allow us to reformulate future surveys; which actually is a bit of a science.


Thank you for the prompt response @dstors and your consideration of my input.

While I chose not to mention it, the fact this survey was on Google only compounded my problem with responding.

Not my area of expertise, but you may wish to consider alternative ways of surveying (which is great! 👍) which support those of us who wish to be more private.

Well understood this initiative is just getting started and you are doing your best. With "course adjustments" along the way, as needed ...

So ... Thankful my response doesn't appear to have generated any ill will ...

All the best to you moving forward!

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That's google docs and probably your privacy is not disclosed to the third party.

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Good to hear from you guys.
It's always good to collect feedback from the mob before launching something.
Really much hopeful for @dstors.
I will be more than happy assisting you guys.
Steem on

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Much obliged.

Looks like I’ll be filling out the survey once I get of work. Thank you @kaliju for doing a raffle like this. I think it’s a great way to learn more about what myself and others in this community think. I’ll be sure to keep putting @dstors name out that and letting people know about I’m so glad I started delegating to this project. People know how great of a thing this is, which is why there’s so much support behind it. Take care man! 👋😀

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Hey i delegated 500 sp my question is that in 1 y from now what i receive a new token a new crypto?

This is a great accomplishment. Congratulations team.dstors is gonna revolutionize the e-commerce industry. Best wishes.

hmm interesting, thx!

I didn't do the survey because it assumes people want to sell something. I thought the premise was to monetize our shopping experience?

I hope those not answering the survey also go into your data analysis.

Survey monkey does an anonymous survey which might have worked better.

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Survey complete! Congratulations on you Round A success!!

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Just done with the survey.
You probably should have Auctions as well as fixed selling.

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I have submitted my survey and have expressed my concerns.

I didn't do the survey because it assumes people want to sell something. I thought the premise was to monetize our shopping experience?

I hope those not answering the survey also go into your data analysis.

Survey monkey does an anonymous survey which might have worked better.

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Good point about survey monkey.

Good Luck, I did not do the Survey.

Que buen texto

Survey complete! I hope you read all of my comments. Keep up the great work @dstors!

it's great to build dorsors, I think this is very necessary to be developed by conducting surveys in a perfect way, I'm very happy with the dstors

I like the way you guys are working so closely with the community, for development of this amazing platform. I just filled the survey. Thanks for asking.

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Merry Christmas! (If you celebrate). Park your car and stay safe for the holidays if you drink.🍷

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Completed the survey, hopefully I'll be the lucky winner. Best wishes.

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I would love to see an ecommerce platform built on Steem! Great initiative! Having an alternative to facebook ads/Google ads/ebay/amazon/paypal/traditional payment service providers is a MUST these days.

Hope you implement fixed and auction selling, and some stablecoin pricing integration.

Having some kind of fb ads/google shopping equivalent built on Steem would create an amazing symbiotic Steem ecommerce ecosystem.

Is everything on trending just ads?

You got a 39.08% upvote from @booster courtesy of @dstors!


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