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Can't wait for dstors to start making big impact on people. The potential is there and I believe Kali has the ability to use that potential and benefit us all.

Onward to the edge, we're moving onward to the edge! :)


If it's anticipated by then it's worth waiting for!


Thanks for a great post @kaliju and I'm happy that you straightened out some of my misconceptions since I can now enjoy your updates and progress with peace of mind.

Have you checked the geography of active Steemians yet? @dstors

I am wondering how many of us are all in one place of the world. @emaferice for example is currently selling our 2nd-hand items on Shopee but I think she is only willing to sell to customers in the Philippines (shipping costs).

I am wondering if it might be a good strategy to laser focus some of your efforts where large groups of Steemians live. Kind of like how Amazon started with just books and Craigslist focused on the San Francisco Bay Area at first.

Some countries have different requirements from others. One example of this is how Amazon never boomed in the Philippines due to Filipinos not having credit cards. This was only solved recently by Shopee through their Cash-on-Delivery partnerships with carriers like Black Arrow.

  • Shopee is booming in the Philippines right now but it is far from being a household name.

Because of that, the Philippines might be a good target!

I'm glad to be one of the dStors bandwagoners - hope this ride is going to be an adventurous one @kaliju :D


Of course it will be adventurous...! Thank you for the support.

Hi there,
I've just upvoted this post
A small contribution from me, to help the steem community to thrive ;)