What is Dtube? - 10 Awesome Things You Need To Know About Dtube (Steemit) -Dtube Tutorial Video


What is Dtube? - 10 Awesome Things You Need To Know About Dtube (Steemit) -Dtube Tutorial Video

DTube is a new platform that is not without its pitfalls, but it is one to keep an eye on. Despite being a relatively small player, it has an avid set of content creators trying innovative new approaches. DTube presents itself as an interesting alternative option for video creators who want an instant impact and monetizable outcome but remains a difficult platform for the mainstream to understand.

On Dtube you earn rewards from votes. Anybody can upload videos and earn votes if people like your content. Other than having a steemit account there are no requirements to earn STEEM. Dtube is also decentralized. Content cannot be removed or censored. Users control what content is shown by voting. DTube open nature and easy way to earn money, which is something that is attracting lot of content creators.
DTube has become a hub for smaller content creators who missed the boat on YouTube”

10 awesome things you need to know about Dtube (Steemit)
#1: What is DTube?
To understand DTube we must first talk about and understand Steemit, Steemit is a blockchain-based social media platform that launched in July of 2016. Essentially it’s a Reddit-type service where anyone can earn rewards by posting, curating, and up-voting relevant content. Monetary rewards come via a cryptocurrency token named STEEM, and in US dollar-pegged tokens called Steem Dollars. So think of Reddit (i.e. users post links, and vote good content up, and bad content down) – but every user who participates gets a monetary reward. This video also include dtube review and steemit review.

Decentralized Tube (or DTube for short) is a YouTube-like video platform that is built as an application on top of Steemit Blockchain. So it’s on the same platform utilising the same rules but specifically for video content. Essentially, users post videos, and are rewarded for creating and uploading content.

#2: Built on the Blockchain
Both Steemit and DTube are built on the blockchain. You’ve probably heard of the Blockchain by now – it’s what Bitcoin is built on. Essentially it allows for a secure, decentralised, list of record keeping. It’s inherently resistant to modifications, and the data is managed by a peer-to-peer network. By utilising the blockchain.

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