TSA agent caught stealing cell phone

3년 전

Right after this, I yelled in my loudest command voice, "Help! Please call the police! This TSA agent just stole my cell phone! Please record this!" several times. The entire area went silent and Agent Dunn was distracted just long enough for me to jump over the counter and grab my phone. After twenty minutes of being followed around by TSA agents and supervisors in suits who wouldn't show me their badges, I had a nice conversation with a Port Authority Officer who seemed to already have a healthy disdain for the TSA. I'll be filing a criminal complaint.

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I have to mentally prepare myself before I go to an airport and this is just another example of why

TSA are the modern day Brown Shirts


And pedophiles.
It's all theater.


yea when you get paid $12 an hr, yea stealing doesnt sound so bad. lol

People are people and people in positions of controls over others have always been enticed to do what they can get away with if they are that type of person. Not all TSA agents are bad or cops or FBI or CIA or NSA or any other law enforcement agency. The individual is that uses his or her authority to abuse and commit crimes are indeed criminals. SO lets keep in touch with reality and not say ALL are criminals OK. ie: Some Students steal and cheat and that does not put all students in the same classification. There is good and there is bad people, period, in all aspects and professions of life. I know many TSA agents that watch for such criminal actions by co-workers and will and do report them immediately. They are concerned as we are and do not want to be labeled as criminals.

Wow, such an idiotic drone. When some fools are given the illusion of power, they go off the deep end.

Well done !