Which Kind Of Activities You Do In The Holiday? Response To @hafizullah


Hello lovely steeminar

How are you all? I hope all are you doing good. I am also good.
First of all many many thanks to @dtube for giving chance to share my thoughts.
Do you know me? This is Al Amin I am from Bangladesh @upmewhale
Hey @hafizullah vai your question is very wonderful I mean. This question is which kind of activities you do in the holiday?
You know that I am a student so everyday I go to college.One day a week I get a vacation

  1. I wash my clothes and uniforms.
  2. Finish my submitted readings
    3.I do partical
  3. Going around with the brothers in our village
    5.Steemit Let's try to give a little more time
    That's Said....

    It Is My New Account

Life never stops for anyone!😎😎
I am Alamin Sheikh.I am from Bangladesh.I am a student I study on Textile Deploma.I love my parents and my whole family.I always try to be success.I Love DTube platform and many many thanks to dtube for giving chance to share my thoughts.

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