HUNGRYin203 (KING SPA) in (Palisades Park, NJ)

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@alexandermazzei with hungryin203 came to Palisades Park, New Jersey to Get away from the madness and relax. (go on the weekdays, cause its less crowded.)

This video is a review of the King Spa in Palisades Park, New Jersey close to George Washington Bridge.

I love this place! One of our first dates were here. If you are looking to escape and get away from all the craziness that happens in your daily life, then you come to the right place. King spa is a 24 hour day spa. There are several different saunas, hot baths, massages and many other surprises. They even have a full service kitchen which prepares some amazing meals. You feel like you need a passport to enter because it is that authentic.
(King spa)
(Palisades Park, NJ)
Palisades Park, New Jersey spa
Palisades Park, New Jersey things to do.

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