Are people really making good money on Steemit/D.Tube?

2년 전

Hard to say. It’s very situational. Here’s the 100% reality of Steemit though:

Assuming you’d be making great content for long periods of time, then yes you’d likely earn money. It’s just that I don’t know what you consider as “good money”.

However, you pretty much have to bid the bots at first to build a following. The “but steemit is a free decentralized platform” is a myth. All the top authors are either linked with the “whales” (people with a lot of steem power” or they built it up from having great content and bidding the steem bots to upvote their posts to gains exposure and followers.

(if you don’t know what bidding means, you basically pay your own money to a bot with steem power to upvote your posts for exposure, following, you’ll also usually make a positive ROI if the content is great)

Personally, after looking at Steemit since roughly December 2017, I’m very much on the edge. I like other platforms better for now because there is still so much to be improved on Steemit but if you do everything right you can indeed make very solid money on Steemit & Dtube. From my understanding Dtube is likely easier option if you’re able to produce quality videos.

To sum up the question. Yes. But only few and you need initial money to get started properly.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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