Four months into using @Actifit | Check out my Fitness progress

4개월 전
I know, I know. I was supposed to post my Actifit update on May 1st but I wanted to upload a video of my fitness progress so far after two months of working out at least 4 times a week and since the last two days it´s been way too cold to excercise in the UteGym (Outdoors gym in Swedish) I has to postpone this post until today that the weather was a bit better - that means 5 celsius or 41 farentheit - and I was able to hold the frozen bars and keep my muscles warm.

4 months into eating healthy and trying to stay away of trashy, greasy and delicious food. 2 months of not smoking at all, not one single puff. 2 months of excercising 3-4 times a week is beginning to show. I haven´t eaten so good in Sweden because everything is expensive but I´m not eating badly. I haven´t excercised as much as I would like to because of the cold weather.

I stoppped taking my pills during April and I realized I have to keep taking them, I can´t wait to see how my blood levels are after one month of not taking them. Those pills help me have normal blood levels and thus, feel energized and full of power.

If you are not familiar with the #healthier2019 tag let me walk you through. As many people, I started January 1st with some New Year resolutions. One of these resolutions was to improve my eating habits and by doing it, to get my sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol levels and weight & BMI to a normal spectrum, a healthy spectrum.

If you want to check how I looked in January 1st and compare it that to how I look nowadays, you can check out my first post about having a Healthier 2019 here

There is not shirtless picture this time because the weather here is impossible, I can´t take off my shirt for one second and I have no one to take the picture for me :( Hopefully, on my next report I will be able to include a naked nomad picture :D

At the beginning, in January I decided to only measure my blood levels every two months because those tests are expensive, that means that for my May report I´m not including them in my table.

MetricJan 1stFeb 1stMar 1stApr 1stMay 1stGoal
Weight90 kg88 Kg85 kg858578 kg
BMI28.427.725.625.525.5Below 20
Cholesterol252190XXX150XBelow 200
Triglycerides642216XXX140XBelow 150
Lypids1250845XXX630XBelow 750

Before you watch the video you have to know that it is recorded vertically. I´m sorry, I couldn´t help it, I went excercising by myself and I had no one to take the video for me. That´s why the angle is weird (it is balanced in some rocks) and the problem is, I couldn´t place it horizontally :(

Two months ago, I couldn´t do more that 2 chin-ups and not even half a pull-up. Nowadays as you can see, I can manage to do 20 chin-ups and 18 Pull-ups. Check it out on the DTube video!

▶️ DTube
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Great progress considering the nomadic lifestyle! I struggle to maintain both diet and exercise regimes when traveling as the planning is more difficult. Congrats on not smoking; it makes an enormous difference to break that habit!

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Look at you being handsome! Keep up the good work !!


handsome, strongman))

guys i'm new to this and i'm knowledge about tech.....soooo subscribe to my channal and you can comment you problems related to tech i'll make wideo

well done, strong man))
you are good at pulling up, I hope your beer belly will go away from the exertion on the press))) hahaha
But belly is normal
The main thing that the hands were strong, you're a man)
I have never been to the gym, even just to take a photo in the mirror, in order to put it on instagram) lol
but sometimes I study at home, but it is very rare)
need to take an example from you)

Good job! You would do great in the pull-up challenge that I recently hosted :)


I checked out your blog and I didn't see the challenge in the latest posts, what challenge are you talking about mate?


I am sorry man, I didn´t realize it has already been two months :D Time flies! It was this one: But I might host something similar soon so you better stay in shape :) Hope you are having fun in Europe. We just got back to the Mayan heat from a Colombian visa run. You picked a good time for your European trip, the whole coast has been struggling with enormous amounts of sargassum lately, I could smell the stench of the rotting seaweed as far as by Walmart today. Incredible.

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Just in time for the summer season! 😎

Nice goal weight chart, and you are Handsome, cute face :*

It sounds like you are coming right along. I think it is smart that you went back on your meds. It is best to keep plugging along with those until the doctor tells you it is okay to stop. That is my non medical opinion anyway. I know I have some meds that I would love to stop taking, but I know I need to keep taking them until they tell me not to. Keep it up!

It's just about mankini season!

ahahah well it doesn't look like it's cold on the video =) but I bet it is....
Anyways, nice progress!

Coye bien vale, estás en proceso, de aquí a un tiempo te veo papeado siendo amoadsoulfitness :b

You're doing great!

I don't use this app, but I do my regular exercises daily. So far, it has been working.

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I am happy for you as you have managed to stick to your New Year's Resolution and achieve your health goals.
You are great inspiration.
Health is the most valuable gift in life.
Keep up the good work!