Introducing #linkseven77 @armia [2019]

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Hallo @dtube in this video I made a video introduction on the new project #linkseven77 initiative from @nathanmars. . sorry all if I still use my native language because I haven't passively spoken English but don't worry in this video I specialize the subtitles.
I joined Steemit since April 2017 I got to know Dtube in June 2018, thank you Dtube for welcoming me on this platform. introduce my name is @Armia I dtuber from Indonesia.
I joined the @dcomindonesia community there we have active members on the dtube platform including @sudutpandang @good-darma @yuyuart @siatteuk @putu300 @ tfq86 @permatachannel @irfanmufid and there are several other members who can't name one by one.
#dtubefamily777 is a new movement to advance steem ... I am very happy to be among the great people here thanks for my brother @nathanmar already made this great movement.
#link seven77 a real movement to promote steemit on social media twiter and other social media. this is so great that dtube posts can be watched by many people. thank you

inspiration post from you brother @nathanmars

Thanks support me brother @redpalestino

My name is @armia and as always Thanks for watching
Satu daun lagi semangat menggali potret inspirasi dari kampong kenegeri hanya untuk berprestasi sekolah tinggi-tinggi ujungnya korupsi mending kumandiri saja dari steemit.
Ingin berinteraksi dengan saya silahkan ke Social media
Youtube channel :
Instgram :
Salam @armia

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@armia, You were done great job friend. I'm glad to watch your linkseven77 video introduction with English subtitles. It's really helpful for understand what you said. Also your active style really impressive me.



Thank you, my brother @madushanka, I am happy to see you ... here ... keep the spirit of uploading videos every day

Great job with the subtitles. Thank you for doing that. Welcome to the family 777 @armia :)


Thank you, my dear brother @robertandrew, for the pleasure of seeing you here.

I've been sad since bitcoin took a dump in december :(


it's true let's fight for steemit in a better direction @starwarz

Cool introducing!!😍 perfecto my friend! Thank you or sublitutes and I learn you language "My name is.."😀 Upvote, resteem and have a nice day!👊

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Thank you, my brother @jozef230 for supporting me, I'm sorry, I can't speak English

@armia, thank you for sharing this video with us and, of course, for the subtitles. Nathan is a great Steemian and a wonderful person.
I do support this initiative #linkseven77

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Thank you, my brother @cryptospa for visiting this post, hopefully you are always healthy, my brother


Okay lah! Nice video introduction, and great spirit!!


Terima kasih om @putu300

Memble tp keche...

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Thanks you bro

As long as you have subtitles, it's ok to use your mother tongue :)

Good to have you on board