Kitten Being Bottle Fed by Yours Truly


This is Loki, as a kitten. Loki has been taken from his mom as a kitten and dragged by a predator and dropped on the road. The cars seemed to have spooked the predator and so Loki got lucky! His tail was chewed up and so was his leg but his spirit was intact. Loki is now 3yrs old but I remembered I had a bunch of videos of him and decided it’s time to share the cuteness! Enjoy 😊
Please note that this was my very first time ever having a kitten and bottle feeding. I learned that this is not the best way to feed a kitten as the risk of formula aspiration is pretty high. Instead, the kitten should be fed in the same way as they would stand. I’ll add a link to proper bottle feeding instructions shortly. Thank you!

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