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Good day! In this video, we shall take a look at how exactly durable is the Mavic mini. Enjoy!

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I was thinking of getting one but now I'm totally convinced it's good for a first drone.


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I have a mavic pro and crashed it at my first flight


Ouu. That's unfortunate. Better luck next time :) And be careful!

OMGG, I like drones very much, you can make many incredible photographs or videos with them. What camera does that Mavic Mini have? I'd like to have a drone someday and see that it's really cool (I think it's incredible that it's back to its common position after a crash).

By the way: Which camera do you use to record your videos? The recording looks amazing, I really liked your video. Don't know about phones? You could make amazing videos with that camera (or you can make timelapses, things like that). Super cool your content <3

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