What’s Your Tipping Point?

3개월 전

Most people have a point at which they make a decision to change something about their lives. It could be leaving a particular job that they don’t like, or starting something that they’ve wanted to do for a while. Something triggers something inside them that just pushes them over that edge. This could be a good or bad thing depending on the perspective.

What’s your tipping point? What’s going to be the thing that pushes you over the edge? Think on this and see what all comes to mind. Maybe you’ll figure something out that’ll be life changing. Maybe not... Have a goal your trying to achieve but haven’t even started working on it yet? Ask yourself what would push you to get things done. I find myself asking this question more and more often the older I get.

It’s a great eye opener and you’ll learn a lot about yourself if you’re shrewd with your thinking. Thank you for coming by and checking out my video. I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care!👋

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Losing the weight that has mysteriously appeared on me the last 6 months. It has driven me crazy and it is to a point of changing my whole mode of thinking and eating.

Thanks for this Vlog post


You got this @robertandrew 👍 Once you knock it off it’ll seem like time flied by.

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Ha! The secret is to have no tipping point and to simply just get stuck in to get things done. Over and over and over again, whatever it takes my friend.


Wise words from a wise man 👌😁 I’m working towards getting to that point🤞

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